Friday, October 22, 2010

Obama Event Stage Hand Fired for Wearing USS George HW Bush Aircraft Carrier Attire

Via: The Blaze

Obama Event Shock: Union Fires Stagehand for Wearing ‘U.S.S. George H.W. Bush’ Shirt & Hat

Duane Hammet’s son has been serving in the Navy for three years. While at work recently, Hammet was sporting a sweatshirt and hat depicting his son’s ship, the USS George H. W. Bush. “Work” for Hammet is as a union stagehand, and while setting up for an Obama rally in L.A. today, his employer didn’t take too kindly to the name on his clothes. 

Mr. Hammet refused to take his hat off and turn his sweatshirt inside out, so he was fired.


  1. This demand for everyone to be 'on-side' even when not job related has been commonplace in Britain for a while now; just try discussing immigration in the staff canteen of any State employer (41% of the economy) or wearing a badge mocking Climate Change if you are a secretary at the UK Met Office.

  2. I heard about this too. The union doesn't care about a father's son serving his country. Communism is alive and well under Obama!

  3. God bless him for standing up for his son, Bush, and American freedom. I hope he wins the lawsuit.

  4. banned:
    Free speech is being challenged more and more in the US every day. Americans are FINALLY realizing that our freedom and liberty are in jeopardy.

  5. Odie:
    Every day we hear another story about freedom of speech being taken away.

  6. Yet more evidence of the "tolerance," and "diversity" of the left.

  7. Ok, how the heck did they fire a union employee? They need to teach that trick to school systems.

  8. JACG:
    Maybe they just fired him from that particular job. You know...anything is possible in Obamaland.

  9. Hi TCL, thanks for your nice comments about me.
    It seems any person who doesn't toe the "party line" will be destroyed. This is what it has come to.
    I hope everyone has a nice weekend, and I for one am sick of all the political crap.

  10. Madam CL,

    This guy ought to go have a few beers with Juan Williams. Betcha they'd hit it off!

    If the unions are this thuggish can you imagine what happens if Obama ever gets "card check" passed?

    ..I feel like I need to take a shower.


  11. Hi Bunni:
    I'm so happy to hear from you. You're right, if a person doesn't "toe-the-party-line" they are targeted. Just look at what is happening with all of the news about George Soros and who he is funding to go after Beck and Fox News.
    I think we're all getting sick of the political crap because it's so disgusting.
    Hope you had a nice weekend. Take care of yourself.

  12. War Planner:
    I think we are going to be hearing more and more of these stories in the days ahead. The Left is getting desperate and they will resort to anything to get their way.

  13. Angel:
    Like I told War Planner, I think more stories like this one are going to be exposed. The Left is "exposing" their true self in their desperation to win. Sad.


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