Thursday, October 20, 2016

In Your Deepest Thoughts

I have a question for NeverTrumpers, for those voting for third party candidates and for those not voting for president at all because you hate both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. 

Please don't stop reading!  It's just a question to think about.

This is not a knock on you, so please don't take offense.  If this is your choice, you have every right to it, and I am not trying to change your mind.  I was just thinking about this question.

Here it is:

Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton will be our next president.  With that in mind (if you fall into one of those voting/not-voting categories above) do you have, in your deepest thoughts, a preference?  In other words, if Mr. Trump wins the election, will you be secretly glad he beat Mrs. Clinton or vice versa?

You don't have to's a secret, after all.

I just can't see myself NOT being happy that he wins and she loses. 

And yes, I am voting for Mr. Trump even though he was not my choice in the primaries (I voted for Ted Cruz).  My reasons for voting for Mr. Trump are all the standard ones including, the Supreme Court, illegal immigration, national security & terrorism, the Second Amendment, and the fact that the GOP Congress will wilt under Mrs. Clinton, just as they have under Mr. Obama.  I know Mr. Trump is a flawed candidate, but Mrs. Clinton has been around a long time and has contributed to a lot of America's problems...not Mr. Trump. 

I am not preaching at you, just stating my thoughts my deepest thoughts...I refuse to let the Corrupt Clinton Machine get back into the White House without a fight.

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  1. I have little us for those who will turn and run and will condemn those "sunshine patriots and fair weather soldiers" who would quit the battle at the first sign of "Brown Bess and Redcoats". You are much kinder to those those quitters than I can ever be.


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