Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Work Together?

The Washington elitists think the Tea Party-endorsed candidates will not make a difference once they come to DC.  I beg to differ.

Rush Limbaugh Transcript:  A Warning to Republican Elites: Compromise is Not the Solution

Politico Article:   Poll finds D.C. elites tepid to tea party

Wall Street Journal Article: GOP House Leaders Seek to Avoid Past Mistakes


  1. I don't think elitists think anyone will make a difference besides other elitists.

    After all, how could people ever know what's best for them? (rolling my eyes so much I'm dizzy...)

    The entire elite structure is threatened with the election of non-establishment candidates.

    Everything they've worked so hard to build: no-work careers with great benefits; cronyism wallet-padding and money sharing; subsidized unions costing taxpayers billions in waste; an automated reelection machine; 90 of 100 (scale) MSM shares; and SO much more.

    It can all be over; it can abruptly end.

    Last ditch efforts like the NAACP putting out its "BEWARE" papers won't help either.

    No one has caused minorities and poor people more damage than these elite maroons. It's high time it all came crashing down on their heads.

  2. Hi Josh:
    Good to hear from you and your comments are right on. I just hope that the new "conservative" senators and representatives will stick to their principles and take the elitists on.

  3. I am so sick of elites being a bunch of know it all snobs.

    This is a great ad by Rubio.

  4. Hi Teresa:
    Great ad and great candidate. I hope he is as strong in his convictions as he appears to be.


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