Monday, October 25, 2010

Jimmy McMillan Guaranteed NY Governor Race Victory?

Saturday Night Live spoofed Jimmy McMillan from the Rent is Too Damn High Party.
The real Mr. McMillan is running for Governor of New York.

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According to the New York Post, Mr. McMillan says that as a result of the SNL skit, the "election is over" and he is guaranteed the win:
Jimmy McMillan, debate-stealing New York gubernatorial candidate and sole member of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, said “Saturday Night Live’s” parody of him has guaranteed his victory on Nov. 2, New York magazine reported Monday.
"Election over. Jimmy gonna win it," Mcmillan said. "That put me over the top. It's over. This election is over."

McMillan said the “SNL” parody was free publicity for his campaign. “I don't have the money of [Republican candidate Carl] Paladino or [Democratic candidate] Andrew Cuomo,” he said.
He said the sketch got his message out to people who might not read newspapers or watch political TV programming. “Now they know who I am, and I look at it like that, they can treat me any way they want to treat me, any way to get the message out there.”
His message? “Rent is too damn high.”
If you want to see Jimmy McMillin in action at the real debate, it's worth a watch.  See it here.


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