Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paul Ryan Is Not A "Progressive Conservative"

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) called into Glenn Beck's radio show yesterday for a discussion and clarification that he IS NOT a "progressive conservative".  It all started last week with Glenn reading a post that led him to believe Ryan may be a progressive. I read that post, too, and it got me wondering enough to mention it to TCGuy.

HotAir.com writes:
Via the Right Scoop, the exciting conclusion to Thursday’s cliffhanger in which Beck cited CK MacLeod’s post at HA as evidence that Ryan might just be sweet on Woodrow Wilson and the gang. Not so, says Ryan, phoning in for the first time; CK just completely missed the point.

Even The Heritage Foundation: The Foundry put out an article entitled,  Ryan, Anti-Progressive  countering the question of Ryan being a "progressive".

I heard the Paul Ryan interview today and I can say without a doubt that Paul Ryan does not sound like a "progressive conservative"...he sounds like a  "Constitutional Conservative".  And it also sounds like Glenn "fell in love".

Via: HotAir.com

Paul Ryan's Website: A Roadmap for America's Future.

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  1. Yep, my wife and I were listening to this - it was great. When I first heard Beck had some misgivings about him I was like, "Dude, something's clearly wrong here....the guy's a rock, dig deeper." I get so SICK of opening up Drudge or Hotair and finding some "oh no, so and so just went all progressive! Another conservative bites the dust!" Most of this drivel is driven by the left, so I don't know why I react at all. Soon they'll put something out about how Michelle Malkin said, "Liberalism's not so bad..." :)

  2. In my arrogant opinion, Beck got loopy on this one ... but Beck gets loopy a lot. I like the guy; he's doing great work that NO ONE else is; but geez is he sometimes a borderline, if not all the way, nutter.

  3. Hi Candle:
    I was perplexed about about the question of Ryan being progressive. Beck doesn't get too involved with the individual politicians, and apparently he was not familiar with Ryan much at all. I'm glad they got it worked out. I fear putting too much faith in these guys because something undoubtedly comes up to destroy the image.

  4. Snarky:
    Beck was talking about how he started his company as an entertainment company, but when our country started to go south, he felt he had to do something more worthwhile than "entertain". I know he gets a little "goofy" sometimes, and isn't always right, but as you said...NO ONE else is doing what he's doing. He even mentioned today on the radio that still no one (MSM) has even tried to prove him wrong or right. The only thing going on is the attempts to destroy him. That should tell us something...

  5. Ryan's not perfect, but he's very good.

  6. RK:
    None of them are perfect. But I do like Ryan and a few others. I hope November brings some new, conservative faces to Congress. Ones we can rely on to turn this run away train around.

  7. Glenn Beck will eventually go the way of Morton Downey Jr, and similar nut bags. Although he does sound conservative, he takes on the mantel of the Pope of Conservatism, and deems anything even remotely off base to be heresy.

    He'll say or do something that will spell his media doom. The guy just can't help it.

  8. Fredd:
    I know you're not a big fan of Glenn Beck, and I know his theatrics turn you off. I can understand that and I know he has a "different" way of making his point. I also know that he is very skeptical of politicians and demands strict conservatism from them or he gets turned off. (In his defense, the post about Paul Ryan lead it's readers to believe he may be progressive.) I think Beck's "purism" is fueld by the fact that he doesn't want our candidates to be conservatives-in-name-only. We've been duped before and he is trying to avoid that again. We cannot afford another Olympia Snow, Susan Collins or heaven forbid, Arlen Specter!
    I know Beck is not lying about what is going on in the Obama administration. I know he has exposed the people who Obama has surrounded himself with and who he has put in charge of our country as the marxists/communists that they are. I give him credit for helping to wake the people up in this country by starting the 9.12 Project. He is the target of the Obama administration who is organizing boycotts against his TV & radio advertisers, which I find very strange to say the least. The Left demonize Beck, but never respond to counter his allegations with facts.
    Beck may be destroyed by the media some day...even he admits this could happen. But whatever he's done to educate Americans about the history of the founding of our country, the history of the progressive movement in this country and the progressive agenda of the Obama administration that threatens to destroy it, will remain with the millions of his viewers. Nut bag, or not, I think we're lucky to have his voice.

  9. Yes, TCL, Beck is helping our cause....most of the time. I just choose to get my information from others. Mark Levin said recently that Glenn Beck makes his conservative points and does it while wearing a big red clown nose. Eventually, if you want to be taken seriously by a majority of Americans, Levin says that you have to take the clown nose off. Once Glenn takes the nose off, I will listen to what he has to say.

    There is much to be said of clowns with big red noses, but I'm usually not in the mood.

    I will not pick on Glenn anymore. For now. ;-)

  10. Hi Fredd:
    I guess Levin heard Beck call himself a "rodeo clown" once too often, ha, ha.
    I like Mark Levin, too. He's a very smart guy and I respect his analysis of our country's problems and of the devastation the Obama administration is doing to our country. He's also a wonderful lawyer, which gives him extra credibility...not to mention he's from Philly, just like me.
    Each of the conservative talk show hosts have their individual personalities and ways of getting their message across. It's a good thing they're not all the same.
    Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts on Beck.

  11. Paul Ryan is and has been one of the great fighters against the Obamacare socialist freight train. Hopefully he has clarified his position. As far as I am concerned we need more like him in power.

  12. Right Ideas:
    I'm with you...we need more Paul Ryans.
    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll be back.

  13. No problem. I check your site regularly. Great blogs.


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