Friday, April 16, 2010

SWFL Tax Day Tea Party

TCGuy and I attended the SWFL Tax Day Tea Party in Naples, FL yesterday.  Great turnout and great people.

There was only one infiltrator that I saw, but someone did tell me there was another one down the road.  Otherwise, it was your typical Tea Party...enthusiastic, friendly and patriotic violence or racism in sight. 

This year's tea party was held in Naples, FL along Rt. 41. & Pine Ridge Rd. The crowd lined both sides of Rt. 41 (majority on the East side). People in the cars were riding by honking their horns, waving flags, taking photos and cheering out their windows.  I did see 2 ladies give us the finger and one lady gave us the thumbs down as she made a really horrible face.  You could tell those who were not tea party fans...most ignored us as they drove by frowning.

I spoke to one young lady who is married to a doctor.  She seemed very knowledgeable about Obama's health care plan and is concerned that her husband's practice may have to lay people off.  She said that she has many friends who don't even want to hear about politics and the state of the country.  Some are wealthy and don't realize how Obama's agenda is going to affect them.

Here's a photo of the only "infiltrator" I saw today.  Notice the two guys on either side of him with their "Tea Party Infiltrator" signs?  They stood next to him the entire time.  The way that "infiltrator" guy is looking over the sign, he reminds me of "Kilroy was here."

Here are some of the best signs of the day:

This guy's shirt constitutes the violence of the day:

Here's a short video I took of the people chanting, "O Must Go".

SWFL Tea Party

If you went to a tax day tea party, please tell us about it in the comments section.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello, Conservative Lady,

    I've got good news and bad news about tea party rallies in Mobile, Alabama yesterday. The bad news: They were held a few city blocks apart at the same time!? Go figure. A power-struggle between two local tea party groups? Not a pretty sight and troubling to me.

    One rally was sparsely attended by people who, IMHO, looked a bit bewildered about the whole thing.

    Now, the GOOD news: The other rally, held at the same time a few blocks away, at historic Bienville Square, attracted a large turnout of enthusiastic tea party people who put on an impressive display of unified Tea Party Power. Kudos to organizers of the inpiring rally held at Bienville Square.

    No infiltrators at either rally, as far as I could see. The big rally had a daunting police presence, including mounted policemen. Maybe some infiltrators were in the crowd, but the police presence was sufficiently daunting to have discouraged them from making mischief. Both of the rallies were peaceful and attended by well-behaved people.

    Three cheers for Tea Party People! We scored another big win for our constitutional republic yesterday!


  3. Hi Trestin:
    It was fun. Being with like-minded people gives a sense of HOPE for our future.

  4. Newsentinel:
    It is disheartening to hear about rifts within the movement. Unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect.
    Happy to hear you attended a great rally, too.

  5. That is funny, I met someone from Naples at the tea party in DC. She can't make it here on 9/12.

    It is nice to see that people are standing up. We had quite a few of infiltrators, but that isn't surprising. The Coffee party founder lives outside of DC, so they had a presence. They were behaved and were pointed out very quickly. They didn't bother anyone so have at it I suppose. I support their rights to protest, although it seems that they don't think that I should be protesting. One of the signs said tea partiers go home.

  6. Hi JACG:
    It's really funny how when President Bush was in office, dissent was patriotic. Now that Obama is in office, we're all violent racists and must be shut up.
    Glad you had a good day yesterday.

  7. It's been interesting to watch the rise of the Tea Party movement but this new concern with 'infiltrators' is worrying; reminding me somewhat of dictatorial paranoia, or am I missing something CL?

  8. Hi banned:
    The funny thing is, some guy developed a website called "Crash The Tea Party" - or something like that - advertising that they were planning to infiltrate the tea parties with the idea of making them look bad. The planned to carry racists signs, etc. Once the Tea Party protesters heard about it, they went to the website and took it over, commenting, etc. So now that everyone knows a bunch of liberals were planning to "infiltrate" tea parties, everyone is on the lookout and can "out" the infiltrators.
    The Left has been trying to portray us as violent racist terrorists. Since they have no proof, they must resort to their "tricks" to make it a reality.
    Very sad.

  9. Looks like you had a great time, TCL. We had something like 7,500 people (Capitol Police estimate) and only two incidents with infiltrators. We all just stood around the fools, chanting "he's not one of us" until the police lead them away (both times), me following with my video camera saying "bye! Thanks for coming!"

  10. You are right, there were some great signs, and the two guys with the Tea Party Infiltrator signs! How clever is that?

    I love your banner. Fabulous!

  11. Snarky:
    How dumb were they to advertise their plans to infiltrate the tea parties?
    Glad you had a good day, too.

  12. Hi Maggie:
    It was a bad plan for the infiltrators to advertise their plans. Everyone was on the lookout!
    BTW thanks for the follow.

  13. Looking good, Lady! I love the anti-infiltrator signs. Makes me laugh every time.

  14. I've been very impressed by the Tea Parties this year. We WILL remember in November. ...and hopefully all year as we go through the 2010 primaries. I hope we see some kind of movement for "Tea Parties for the Primaries"

    What do you think?

  15. Hi Opie:
    I don't think the so-called "infiltrators" got away with anything. Everyone was on the look out for them.

  16. RK:
    There were many successful Tea Parties over the past week. I think there will be more tea parties (especially on 9.12). I also think there will be a push for people to get involved with campaigns...actively working for candidates, voter registration, etc.

  17. Thanks for posting this. It's good to know that the tea parties are going on. Ours was pretty similar although our turnout was not so big.


  18. Five of us went to Philly Independance Mall teaparty yesterday. No big problems, just a couple infiltrators, who of course, got the most media attention.
    I'm told my sign made the 6 and 11 news on channel three though.

  19. RKL:
    Great to hear so many people attended Tea Parties last week.

  20. dngharvey:
    Happy to hear from you!
    Great that 5 of you attended the Philly tea party. I wish I could have seen your sign up on the news. Send me some photos if you have them.
    It figures the "infiltrator" got the media coverage. At least we were all aware that these jokers were going to show up.


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