Monday, April 12, 2010

American Revival - The Conclusion - Videos and Final Words

This is my last post on Glenn Beck's "American Revival" event in Orlando, FL that took place on March 27, 2010 at the UCF Arena. I'll continue to post  articles from the "American Revival" binder in order to share the information with you.

I heard this morning that Glenn plans to do more "American Revival" events in the future, which is good news.  I also found several videos from the Orlando event on Glenn's website that I'd like to share with you.

Glenn ended the show with a Keynote speech.  Some of the highlights of the speech were:

- Glenn recommended we keep notes in a Moleskine notebook.  Tell the history we are making now...what you think, hear, see, experience.  Write it down on paper and pass it on to the next generation.  Whether we win or lose...write it down.  History is already being re-written or erased...we must preserve the truth.
- Never dismiss anything...a coincidence or premonition.
- Never ask God to humble you...He will.  Then Glenn proceeded to tell his personal story.
- God wants you to find Him.
- God gave us our rights and we must protect them.
- Remember 'who' you are.
- Glenn is going to lay out a budget for America without the help of politicians and present it on his TV Show (I think this week).  It will reduce spending by 50% and it will P-off everyone.  When Glenn mentioned this, someone in the audience yelled out, "Reagen couldn't downsize America."  Glenn responded, "Reagan didn't face what we do now."
-We must follow the lead of Martin Luther King and Ghandi - Peace is the answer; not violence.
- Glenn had a hammer and an anvil on stage.  Quoting Ghandi he said, “With nonviolence, take your hammer and pound that truth every day, and everything that doesn’t fit, toss it out! We have the truth . . . With nonviolence, be the anvil of truth every single day!”
- Glenn read the poem from the Statue of Liberty.  It was the same poem he read at CPAC.

There was plenty more said, but it's impossible for me to relay everything.  I will end this post with Glenn's final words of the day:
"It's time to be filled with...
Faith - that only God can give you.
Hope - that only the truth can command, and
Charity - that only Americans are capable of."




Below is a video I made with my digital camera.  It's contains Glenn reading the poem from the Statue of Liberty (the same he did at CPAC) and his final remarks.  My apologies for the lousy picture, but we were sitting up in the nose-bleed seats.  What's important is his words.

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