Sunday, February 21, 2010

John Coleman's New Documentary - Global Warming: The Meltdown

It seems that almost every week or so since Climategate, another revelation about "global warming" and how we have been duped into believing that humans are causing it, is being exposed. 

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, has a new documentary on global warming.   It's a follow-up to his first documentary which was entitled, Global Warming: The Other Side.  Mr. Coleman's new documentary,  Global Warming: The Meltdown  can be seen in it's entirety  here or here.  The video below is Part 1.

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and KUSI meteorologist, has just released another documentary called "Global Warming - Meltdown"  It follows his first huge success "Global Warming - The Other Side".
His newest documentary builds on the first one and updates us on the fallout from his first one, and how the Global Warming industry is melting down.
By the way Minnesotans for Global Warming is featured in segments 6 and 9.

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  1. I'm glad the Global Warming lies are being exposed.
    I hope the revelations will stop all the crap and trade & green garbage they are still shoving at us.

  2. Hi Bunni:
    I don't think Obama gives a damn about any of the revelations made about global warming. It's part of his plan and will dismiss anything that goes against his plan.
    Now if there are any honest people in Congress (and I mean IF), there will be BIG questions on pursuing anything that is going to cost our country billions of dollars for global warming. I don't think Cap & Tax is over, yet. We just have to hope the Dems don't go the way it looks like they are going to go with ObamaCare and try to push Cap & Tax through with reconciliation.

  3. TCL, I sure hope those programs don't get implemented. The socialists are out of control.

  4. Opie:
    I hope they don't either.
    I fear that the Dems know they are toast in 2010 and that's why they don't care about shoving ObamaCare down our throats. Get it done now while they can.
    As for Cap & Tax...I'm not sure about it but I would not be surprised if they don't try to do the same thing.
    I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  5. Great stuff Conservative Lady, looking forward to watching this in full and may repost at my place.

  6. Al Gore, "ThePied Piper Of Global Warming" has been in hiding ever since failing to appear at C02penhagen to promote his rubbish new book.

  7. banned:
    Al Gore hiding (probably under a rock) is good news. As far as I am concerned, that man is evil. Because of him our children have been taught lies about global warming resulting in their fear of the future, billions of dollars have been wasted trying to stop something that we have no control over and all the while he's been pocketing millions of dollars in carbon credits.
    He had no problem making movies and spreading fear and lies, but he would NEVER debate the subject...he's been a COWARD in that sense all along.


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