Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conservative Women & Men: What do you think?

With a blog title like, The Conservative Lady, how could I not post this article?

I don't know about the rest of you conservative ladies out there, but in this day and age, I don't think my concerns as a conservative "lady" are any different than that of a conservative "man".

I have noticed that some of my women, and men, friends have become more vocal about politics.  I don't think it has anything to do with whether or not they are male or female, I think it has to do with what we are dealing with at this moment in time and what faces our country for the future.

This one is for the women:  Has any conservative woman, like Sarah Palin, motivated you to speak out or are you motivated for another reason?

This one is for men & women:  Have you noticed your women friends getting more vocal about politics?

All readers...What do you think?


With Palin as Inspiration, More Conservative Women Making Voices Heard 
By Kelley Vlahos - 

What motivates conservative women hasn't changed much since mavens like Phyllis Schafly took on the feminists as a pro-life torchbearer in the 1970s, and the Conservative Political Action Conference this week has shown that their roles in the conservative movement have only grown


  1. I actually agree, being a conservative woman is almost as bad as being a black conservative. You hear a lot of crap. For some reason women are supposed to be liberal or they are not real women. NOW said that Palin was a man because of her views on abortion. I think that Palin and Beck made it easier for women to be more vocal about their beliefs.

  2. While I respect Sarah Palin tremendously for so many reasons she has not been the motivating force in my involvement in the conservative causes. I have been a promoter of those ideas since the Reagen years and have become very passionate in the last few months because of the direction I see our country headed and the lack of leadership I see in both political parties. I am tired of career politicians working for their own best interests and passing laws that they are exempted from. The proposed healthcare package scared the daylights out of me to think that our Congress could even consider some of the ideas promoted in that fiasco was unsettling at best. I hope conservative women will get more passionate and more involved and that women all over America will get more interested in the state of their country than they are about American Idol and Batchelor. It's past time.

  3. Er, no. I like Palin. I respect her a LOT. But I was blogging for years before this past election cycle. What has me hot on politics is that we are in a bit of a national emergency. Washington has fallen into the hands of enemies (commie socialists) of the kind of America I grew up with. And their actions need to be publicized, which the LSM refuses to do.

    That leaves us.

  4. JACG, Barbie & Opie:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. I hope more people will feel free to comment.
    Personally, it didn't take Sarah Palin to get me vocal on politics, but I am happy that she's out there inspiring others to do so.
    I have noticed that more of our friends (women & men) have become outspoken about politics and what is going on in our country...and thank God for that. I think there is hope for our country because people are becoming interested, involved and therefore, more vocal about the future of America.

  5. Seeing conservative women such as Sarah Palin is inspiring, but mostly because it is a true conservative speaking their mind, not because she is female. Male, female, it doesn't matter to me as long as you are being honest, sincere, and speaking your convictions.

  6. American Mom:
    Thanks for stopping by, sharing your thoughts and for the follow. I could not agree with you more.

  7. Following the UK Parliamentary Expenses scandal the public are so disgusted and disengaged that we are drifting toward a hung Parliamnet later this year in what should have been the easiest Conservative victory in living memory given the ineptness of our current Socialist regime.

    What does the Conservative leader busy himself with at this time? Imposing women-only shortlists on local Conservaive Party Associations, so as to be more 'inclusive', despite the lessons taught by the disastrous Blairs Babes.
    BTW, I am not some form of male misogynist, my local Conservative candidate is a woman who I have met once or twice and who seems very capable but she is local and chosen locally, on merit.

  8. banned:
    "Merit" should be the deciding factor. Too bad these politicians get wrapped up in the fear of being NOT-politically correct and NOT-inclusive, to the detriment of the people.


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