Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Speech at 2010 CPAC

Video h/t Washington Rebel

Whether you like Glenn Beck or not, there's no denying that he was a hit at CPAC today.  Let's hope the conservatives all over the country take something away from this inspiring speech...especially the GOP.


  1. Beck's speech was magnificent!!

    He is so right about both Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt being progressives. We must stop the infectious disease of progressivism in our country.

    Thanks for posting Beck's speech.

  2. Teresa:
    You're welcome.
    Let's hope we're on the way to finding a cure for the "progressivism" disease. Education is a start, and Glenn is doing his part to educate us all.

  3. OMG - It was so much fun. It was well worth the money that I spent for the weekend.

    Allen West gave a good speech as well. Not quite the tea party speech he gave over the summer, but good nonetheless.

  4. JACG:
    Glad you had a nice time. What a great experience and one I'm sure you will remember for many years to come.

  5. I'm the Republican party and I have a problem... I'm addicted to spending... Ya gotta love it...

    I DVR'ed it... Will watch it every time I need inspiration...

  6. I don't like Glenn Beck, or more accurately, I don't much care for his personality, his politics are great.

    But he gave an awesome speech.

  7. Born Again American:
    I wonder if the GOP will take Glenn's advice. His speech should be required viewing (at least once a week) for Republicans in Congress.

  8. Fredd:
    It was a good speech and Glenn didn't go over the edge in his presentation (he does have a unique way of presenting his case on TV). I think that his theatrics may turn some people off.

  9. Lady: I think you have nailed my beef with Glenn: his theatrics; Over the top.

    I have no beef with his message. For the most part.

  10. Hi Fredd:
    I can see why his theatrics may turn you off. Do you listen to Glenn's radio show? If you do, then you probably know that he is somewhat of a comedian. If you saw his "Christmas Sweater" show, you will know that he is somewhat of an actor. So, combining his comedy and acting abilities, he has been successful in getting his message across in an entertaining way.
    Actually, I think that a lot of people watch him and are more interested because of his uniqueness.
    I also think that his TV show has morphed into a classroom (e.g., the chalkboard) and people are actually learning about the history of America. I know I have learned a lot from his shows.
    So whether or not people think he's weird and/or is only out to sell books...I think because of Glenn Beck (with all of his "uniqueness"), many of our fellow Americans would still be in the dark about what is actually happening. It all started with the "We are not alone" gatherings and look how far we've come.


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