Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Line Of The Bold & Fresh Tour

Not much time for posting this weekend, but I did want to share one thing I did.  Saturday night, TCGuy and I went to see the O'Reilly/Beck Bold & Fresh Tour at a movie theater.  The show was supposed to be simulcast live, but the live performance was canceled due to bad weather.  What we saw was a taped show they did on Friday night in Tampa, FL.  It lasted 2 hours, which included a 20 minute intermission.  We had to drive for an hour to get there because all of the theaters around us were sold out.

Glenn and Bill each did a monologue, and then they joined together at the end for a short discussion with each other.  Glenn was his funny self, with a smattering of seriousness thrown in.  He reminded us all to join him in Washington, DC on August 28 at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial.  Bill showed his funny side, too, with a stand up routine that was refreshing to see after watching him behind a desk every night.  I think Bill is a little naive when it comes to Obama, but maybe I'm just a little too skeptical about the Prez...nah.  Anyway, it was a fun evening.  People were applauding during the show and it was nice to be around like minded patriots.

Watching the show in the movie theater was fine.  It was showing in 2 of the 12 theaters in the complex.  Our theater was sold out and there was a line outside waiting to get into the other theater.  We had great seats and the only thing that I can find fault with was the sound system in Tampa...sometimes the sound was too low.

The best line of the night came from Glenn during the chat with Bill.  He brought up the Chris Matthews line about 'forgetting that Obama was black for an hour' during the State of the Union Address.  Glenn said..."I forgot Obama was an American for an hour".  That about says it all.


  1. That's the Glenn we all knoiw and love...

  2. Hi TCL: Thanks for sharing that with us. I hope they put it out here soon. That line is PRICELESS! I love Glenn, I'm happy you and Your Hubby had fun.

  3. I think Obama never remembers he is an American. Is he? Where is his birth certificate?

  4. I generally like watching the O'Reilly Factor, but for the most part Bill gives these liberals such as Obama and a few other radicals a pass on some of their views a little more often than they deserve.

    Additionally, he is constantly bashinig Big Oil as a cabal that is working against us, and wants to punish this industry whenever gas prices rise too much. He's a smart guy, but sometimes I wonder about him.

    That, and O'Reilly telling Judge Andrew Napolitano 'I don't care about the Constitution,' when it was clear that the judge was winning the point and referred to it.

    His show is still pretty compelling, however, and I watch it regularly, but would not go out of my way to see him live.

    Glen Beck: I don't like his mannerisms, he is hard to watch for very long. He considers himself such a purist, and tends to throw every conservative that has even a suggestion of a flaw under the bus.

  5. I LOVED that line too! I agree that WAS one of the best lines in the show. Beck got quite a few zingers in there, didn't he?

    The sound was problematic. Sometimes I think O'Reilly wasn't speaking directly into his microphone, as Beck never seemed to have the same problems.

  6. Hi Bunni:
    It was a great line and isn't it sad that we would think that about our President?

  7. Linda:
    I am not a "birther", but it is interesting that so many things about Obama are secret. No wonder people are skeptical.

  8. Fredd:
    TCGuy read your comments about O'Reilly and said they looked like something he would write. We both agree with you.
    As for Glenn...I don't always agree with every single thing he says, but I think he is right on the money with his analysis of Obama. I give him a lot of the credit for his work to get the American people smart on what is going on and his encouragement for us to get involved. As for his "purism", well I guess it's better to shoot high and force the people who want to run for office to promote policies and an agenda we want for America. If we start off being wishy washy, it will only go down hill from there.

  9. Blue Eyes:
    The zingers were coming fast and furious.
    I think if O'Reilly has opted for a head microphone like Glenn, it would have been a lot better.

  10. One more word about Beck: we all have faults, and of course we aim high, and most of us fall short of perfection.

    With Beck, it's as if he has no tolerance for even the slightest deviation from 'Perfect Conservatism', probably epitomized by Reagan.

    He would probably throw me under the bus as well, and I am about as Reaganesque as a guy can get. He has very little tolerance for China as a trading partner, for example, and I differ with that opinion and accordingly I would have to go. Or at least according to St. Beck.

    I still agree with him perhaps 97.9% of the time, having said all of that.

  11. Fredd:
    97.9% is a pretty high percentage of agreement. We're never going to agree with him 100%, but on the BIG things like Obama's administration and where they're taking us...I'm with him all the way.
    When it comes to candidates, we have to make up our own minds on what we expect from them. There probably isn't one who is going to be the 100% ideal for any of us.

  12. Hi, TCL!
    This is Wisdom of Soloman's mom here, and my hubby (of almost 44 yrs) and I were AT the Tampa show which you saw in the theater. We were glad we were there (a choice between Norfolk, VA and Tampa, FL which worked out well for us!!). This was our 4th time to see Glenn Beck. The crowd LOVED Beck, and had some doubts about O'Reilly. We shouted at O'Reilly that he was wrong and stomped our feet in the stands. The next morning in the hotel we chatted with a gent who was at the performance. He said he isn't sure if O'Reilly is really that forgiving about BHO or just playing it out. Beck on the other hand - well, what can I say?
    We love him and respect that all he says seems to hold to the truth.

    BTW -
    Congrats on the 1yr anniversary!
    Keep it up.

  13. Hi Sol's Mom:
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I have a big smile on my face.
    It's great that you had a chance to see the show LIVE, and seeing Glenn 4 times tells me that you're real fans. Are you groupies, ha, ha.
    I don't know about O'Reilly. I think he tries to be "open minded" to the point of sounding "silly" sometimes and other times he's right on. He may be playing it down, like the guy at the hotel said, but that would be disingenuous. All I know is that sometimes we're yelling at the TV during his show. I'm glad you guys were telling him he was wrong and stamping your feet. The movie theater audience felt the same way.
    Thanks, again, for stopping by and for the Happy Anniversary wishes. You probably know from Sol...this blogging is addicting. Please stop by again and maybe I'll see you sometime at a Glenn Beck rally. We already made our hotel reservations for the Aug. 28th event in DC.
    Take care and say "hi" to Sol for me.


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