Friday, January 29, 2010

MSNBC Breeds Morons

Here we go again. When desperation sets in and they are at the end of their rope, the Left pulls the race card. They now claim that if you say Obama is "arrogant" you are a "racist".  MSNBC must breed these pundits.

This is another example of why Keith Olber-moron is well...a moron.

Grasping at Straws: Olbermann Claims Obama 'Arrogant' Label a Racist Euphemism

By Jeff Poor

A lot of leading thinkers on the right have warned about this, but now with President Barack Obama no longer enjoying high approval ratings and many of his defenders with their back against the wall, the race card is being deployed as one of the last lines of defense.
And one of the most bizarre and egregious examples of this desperation to defend the President at all costs came from MSNBC "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann. On his Jan 28 program, he singled out Erick Erickson of, John Stossel, host of the Fox Business Channel's "Stossel", Jay Nordlinger of National Review, former Bush speechwriter and Washington Post contributor Marc Thiessen, John Hood, also of National Review and Fox News host Glenn Beck as racist for criticizing the president's demeanor during the Jan. 27 State of the Union address.

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  1. Let them play it. We have racist soundbites from Barack Obama that hints he is a racist and we have a beer summit to cover his words.

  2. I can't believe this crap. Last week you were a racist if you drove a truck. And now if you refer to someone having an exaggerated opinion of himself as "arrogant" you're a racist!

    It's a code word. lol

    I have a really old blog post that deals with this "code" crap. A "code word" is what race baiters label a criticism when their usual broken logic doesn't hold water.

    Does Olbermann believe that President Obama ISN'T a high-handed, lordly know-it-all who habitually references himself and the great job he could do if only everyone else not as smart and not as pure and genuine would just get out of his way?

    Did he develop this humble image of Obama before or after he LIED about our Supreme Court's decision and called them all out in front of the entire world?

    Does this hack watch the President speak, or is it enough that Obama's "black" or a liberal?

    These guys change the rules of the game every single time they start to lose.

    So now "socialist" doesn't mean someone who wants to take money from those having it to run uber-entitlement programs to "level" the playing field, while completely changing our capitalist system. It's the n-bomb.

    Driving an American-made pickup truck doesn't mean you like it -- it means you're a racist.

    Referring to the most self-centered politician in the country as "arrogant" doesn't mean you think he's on a vanity trip. You're really trying to get away with a racial slur.


    No wonder Olbermann's ratings are in the crapper. Seriously, this is even a stretch for Dyson or Hill.

  3. I wonder what it feels like to rant into a camera and know that ... no one's listening.

    He has to know ... oh wait ... and I'm expecting SubZero to know we'd like to shove his policies up his rear end.

    Maybe I'm the dumb one here.

  4. TCL,

    I would expect nothing less from a MORON like Keith Olbermann!

    This is kind of like the story about, "If a tree falls in a forest!"

    If Keithie Boy makes a statement and there is no one tuned in to hear it, is it just as STUPID!

    OMG, did I call him a Boy?

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. Am still in shock, laughing, disgusted, etc over B.O.'s last speech. I'm now stuck cleaning rotten tomatoes off of my TV screen! LOL

  6. I think that's about correct snarky. All three of his viewers were probably quite impressed.

  7. Josh:
    "Playing the race card is standard operating procedures for liberals", and Chris Matthews and Keith Olber-moron, prove that statement every time.

  8. Snarky:
    Olber-moron is probably looking into a mirror while he does his show just so he thinks he has an audience.

  9. (L):
    Keith Olber-moron IS the "Worst Person in the WOOORRRLLLLLD".

  10. Carol.....:
    As long as the tomatoes were rotten...I'd hate to see you waste perfectly good food on a lost cause.

  11. Matt:
    Please stop over estimating MSNBC's audience.

  12. I think posting the video on this blog may have increased his audience significantly. There is a reason Glenn Beck has more than three times the viewers. Maybe if tap dances, or dressers like a pirate? That may get people to watch?

  13. People are getting tired of the left always using the race card when they have no basis for a legitimate argument, so I say let them keep it up and alienate more and more people along the way.

    What a bunch of freak libtards...

  14. Trestin:
    You're right. More people have probably seen Mr. Olber-moron on-line than actually watch his TV show. Too bad it doesn't count for ratings.
    I don't think Keith as a "dancing moron pirate" is going to help his ratings.

  15. Teresa:
    I really think that the Left has marginalized being called a racist, because they use it so often and without justification. People just don't take it seriously anymore. Actually, I believe the Left are the real racists...they are the ones always bring race into the mix.

  16. Olbermann should speak for himself, and not lump other white guys into his racist cabal, who come up with codewords to fly under the radar as 'ninja racists;' they swoop in under cover of darkness, cover the landscape with racist grafitti, and disappear like smoke into the darkness, only to show up the next day with their microphones and cameras to cover the news of the incident.

    Good thing he said this on MSNBC, and only three people heard it, and one of those guys was the cameraman, who had to be there.

  17. Madame and friends,

    At the risk of shameless self-promotion, take a look at the vid at the bottom of this post and tell me whether or not this person is an arrogant narcissist.

    As for Olbermann, almost daily [P]MSNBC needs to get a couple of hefty stage hands to help him extract his cranium from his rectum.

  18. Fredd:
    Olber-moron is lucky he has a job. And if MSNBC's ratings keep going down, the whole network may go the way of Air America.

  19. Войска ПВО:
    I'll head over your way and check out the video.


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