Monday, February 1, 2010

What The State-Controlled Media Never Reminds You Of and Heritage's Take on Obama's Huge New Budget

Today, President Obama laid out a $3.8 TRILLION budget.  I'm sure you've heard about this by now.

If you remember anything when President Obama blames President Bush for all of his (BO's) problems, remember this...the Democrats have been the majority in Congress (both houses) since 2006...2 years of which were during President Bush's term. Then-Senator Barack Hussien Obama was in that Congress and voted for the BIG spending that went on during that time, including the FY-2009 budget that he blames on President Bush.  It's very rare, if ever, that you hear this in the state-controlled media.

You MUST read the post that spells out who is really at the root of our problems.   Here's a hint from the article..."Add it all up, and Obama approved every penny spent in fiscal 2009 either via his votes in the Senate or his signature as President".  Not only did he vote for it, he praised it.  Let's remind the country about this every time Obama pulls the blame game out of his hat.
I always go to The Heritage Foundation to get the full story.  Below is Heritage's take on Obama's huge budget that just heaps on more debt to what is already an out-of-control, unsustainable monstrosity.

Via: The Heritage Foundation: The Morning Bell

Morning Bell: The Obama Budget: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending and More Debt

February 1st, 2010 
President Barack Obama will submit a $3.8 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2011 to Congress today. One might hope that given last year’s $1.4 trillion budget deficit was an all-time high and the President promised a spending “freeze” in last week’s State of the Union, this budget might signal a change in direction from the White House. No such luck. President Obama’s new budget is full of billions of dollars in new spending for failed government programs, higher taxes on American families and businesses, and deficit spending for as far as the eye can see.
At the very least, the budget document President Obama is submitting today exposes his spending “freeze” promise for the fraud that it is. As outlined last week, the administration would halt spending increases for only a $447 billion sliver of our total budget, with a total of $15 billion to be saved. That is less than half a percent off of last year’s spending. Worse, this isn’t even an across-the-board spending freeze; it is an aggregate one. So “spending cuts” in parts of the budget are immediately channeled to others. For example, even though the federal government does not need any money for the Census next year, President Obama counts the $5 billion spent this year as a “spending cut” that can be immediately spent on other government programs, such as a 16% increase in Department of Education funding, a 6.8% increase in Department of Energy funding, and increases for ineffective Health and Human Services programs like Head Start and sex education.
Given the best case scenario, the most the White House hopes to save from this supposed spending “freeze” is $15 billion. And that is easily dwarfed by just the $100 billion President Obama wants for his Economic Stimulus II plan. Then there are the tax hikes, including higher taxes on families earning more than $250,000 and a brand new tax on financial institutions to pay for the failed automobile union bailout.
And what is the end result of all of President Obama’s new taxes and spending? A record national debt. According to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the United States will post a $1.556 trillion deficit in fiscal 2010, which the Obama administration claims will be reduced to $1.267 trillion in fiscal 2011, thanks to their budget. Given this administration’s budget forecasting record, however, expect that final deficit number to go up. The Obama administration now forecasts $5.08 trillion in debt over the next five years; that is 35% more debt than they forecast just 12 months ago.
A common sense budget would move our country in a much different direction. For starters, the remaining TARP and stimulus funds should both be rescinded. Next, instead of the President’s fungible “aggregate” spending freeze, tough hard spending caps should be enacted. Finally, Congress should disclose the massive unfunded obligations of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; put those programs on long-term budgets; and enact the necessary entitlement and programmatic reforms that can keep government within those limits.

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  1. Yeah, I think it's obvious ... slavery was Bush's fault!

  2. Snarky:
    Don't be surprise if Obama pins it on Pres. Bush this month...February is Black History Month.

  3. Reminds me of a man emptying a gas can on a burning building. His defense? The building was already on fire when he arrived on the scene.

  4. Over 50 percent of the annual budget is on Social Security and Medicare. I had no idea how much money it takes to run these programs. And a growing part is interest to finance our debt. I looked at the pie charts at the Wall Street Journal.

  5. Opie:
    The Wall Street Journal is another credible source for information.

  6. As Judd Gregg pointed out, this is fiscal insanity. We must keep reminding people that the Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006 and Obama was a Senator then and approved of the spending also. So, Obama refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever and him playing the blame game must stop.

  7. Teresa:
    That's exactly right. People seem to forget (or just don't know) that Obama was involved in this whole thing all along. The Left keeps spinning and Obama keeps blaming that eventually the truth is lost. We must remind them of this every time they lie...unfortunately, nobody does and they get away with it.


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