Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Day at the Lee County Tea Party Event - Photos & Video

When I heard the thunderstorms this morning, I was hoping they would clear out and the rain would go away.  The Lee County Tea Party Rally was planned to start at noon, and some nice weather would help promote a good turnout.  The weather cleared and the turnout was pretty good, so I'd say a very nice afternoon was enjoyed by all.  The event was held at Centennial Park in Fort Myers, FL.

I've been to quite a few Tea Party rallies and in the beginning there were signs everywhere.  Now it seems the signs are few, but I saw some today that I thought were worth posting.

Artist Leoma Lovegrove painted this picture called "Tribute" during a tribute-in-song to each branch of the military.  She goes a mile a minute with her paint brush.  The final product is on the right.
These boxes represented the reams of paper that comprise the current tax code.  It accompanied a speech on the fair tax.
 Here I am with Trey Radel who hopes to be the FL GOP nominee for U.S. House (FL District 14)
in November 2012.
 Here I am with Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL14) who is hoping to be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in November 2012.
Mack is the Representative in my District and he is going after Senator Bill Nelson's (D-FL) seat.

Rep. Mack gave a speech at the rally today.  He mentioned a few things on his agenda:
  1. Repeal Obamacare
  2. Repeal Dodd Frank
  3. Tackle Project 21 by defunding the United Nations (I think he meant Agenda 21)
Mack also thinks there should be a 2 year Congress spent, not making laws, but repealing old, out-of-date, out-of-control, bad laws.

Video of Rep. Mack's speech.  (Sorry for the wind noise.)

There was comedy, too.  Conservative comedian, "eric aka the TYGRRRR EXPRESS",  entertained us with a very funny I know the Libs would not have appreciated.  He's an author with 3 published books.  Poking around his blog, I also noticed that he has published articles in the Washington Times.  His bio says:  From NY to LA, eric is a stock-brokerage and oil professional, award-winning blogger, author, sought after public speaker, monitor of synagogues (he's Jewish btw), rescuer of college students from leftist professors, and a warrior against ideological idiocy with the force of a whack-a-mole.  I'm including a link to eric's blog if you'd like to check it out:   THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS  I've also added it to my Blog Roll...I think it's going to be very entertaining.

There were encouraging and instructive speeches, good music, comedy and the best part was sharing it with fellow Patriots.  Some of the Florida candidates who are running in the 2012 primaries were introduced.  Each had an opportunity to introduce himself and to say a few words.  I even ran into one of our blogger friends (owner of Born Again Americans).  His blog has been off-line for awhile.  It was good to see him and to say "hello".

Let's hope the determination and influence that the Tea Party Movement had in 2010 is reflected in the November 2012 elections.  We need majorities in the House and the Senate to complement Barack Obama's replacement.  We have our work cut out for us!

I'll end this post with a video I lifted from the Lee County Tea Party website.


  1. TCL,

    Of course you have scared off the moderates because you have posted a video supportive of *gasp!* prayer! Obviously you are "one of those" religious right-wing extremists who cling to your guns and religion like a simpleton peasant who can't possibly do America any good with your forcing Jesus down everyone's throats.

    Hey, this was a great article, and it brings both comfort and strength to me as a True Conservative. Thank you for writing it!

    1. I plead guilty. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Speaking of prayer...we need them this week for the Obamacare hearings.

  2. Hey TCL, this was great. I can't believe that artist. I paint and could never do it on the spot or fast - that is impressive. I totally agree about the prayer; I will be praying all week for sure. Then again, I think I will be praying everyday through November.

    Thanks for posting. It is encouraging to see a Tea Party post again.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words. I think the Tea Party Movement as a whole has graduated from rallies to pursuing real action in their local communities. The Left is wrong if they think the Tea Party Movement is dead.

  3. It's good to see that Tea Party groups all over the country are still active.

    1. Hi RK. I think we will be hearing from the Tea Party Movement more and more as the election gets closer.

  4. Looking as good as ever Lady! You're rubbing elbows with some good guys there. I hope you and your fellow Tea Partiers in Florida can help them out.

    1. Odie: The candidates who introduced themselves at the rally sound good. Hopefully, we'll get to know them better as time goes on. Trey Radel is pretty well known in the area. He was a conservative talk radio morning host on our local Fox station. He seems like a good guy.
      As for Connie Mack...he's ahead of Nelson in the polls. I hope a republican can beat him in the general. Mack is well known down here, so I guess he seems like the obvious one to win the primary. One of his GOP opponents is Senator George Lemieux (R-FL), who was the guy Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) replaced Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) with when he retired from the Senate. Crist thought Lemieux was going to keep the Senate seat warm for him (Crist) until he won the election...but happily Senator Marco Rubio beat him out of it.

  5. Hi, it's Perry, AKA Born Again... Let me start first with an appology for what must have seemed to be very rude behavior, but there was someone camped out in the only Handicapped stall and I was under a great deal of pressure and time was of the essence... Funny how I was embarrassed to tell you that yesterday, but will lay it out for the entire world to see on here... Perhaps we could get together in the near future over dinner or something as I'd dearly love to get better aquainted...

    The "I WILL NOT COMPLY." sign was one of mine and that was my twin brother behind it... My sign was mearly a photo of B.O. with the question, "DOES THIS ASS MAKE MY CHAIR LOOK BIG?"... We also have had bumber stickers made with the "I WILL NOT COMPLY."... There's one with your name on it should you be so inclined... you can reach me at

    1. Hi Perry: It was good to see you yesterday. No problem about being hurried along...just hope things worked out OK, lol.

      It's funny, but when I saw the guy holding the "I Will Not Comply" sign, it crossed my mind that he looked familiar and, as a matter of fact, your brother (LL) came into my mind. I figured you guys would be there. I should have said something, but I just wasn't sure. Please tell him "hello" for me. I wish I had seen your other sign. That one would have made a big hit on the blog.

      Thanks for the bumper stick offer...I accept. I'll contact you through your e-mail address sometime this week and maybe we can figure out a time to meet up. Sounds like fun. Take care.

  6. You sure are a Cutie TCL !

    I hope the Tea Party people can work their way into and overcome the Republican party because the country will never be ready for a 3rd party imo if this is all the traction Ron Paul can get.
    Go Tea Party!

    1. Hi Kid: I think the Tea Party Movement will continue to make themselves known during the election. As for Ron Paul running on a third party ticket...I don't think he will. I've heard this discussed quite a few times by the talking heads and everyone is of the opinion that Paul wouldn't do it because of his son, Rand. Ron Paul has said that he isn't planning on running as a third party candidate, and I'm going to take his word for it. I think he would really like to get some of his policies picked up by the GOP nominee, so he continues on.


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