Friday, March 30, 2012

UPDATE 4/19 (Koch Gets New Sponsor): ESPN Pulls Ad - NASCAR Driver Loses Sponsor - Excuse...Religion & Anti-Abortion Link

That is ESPN's excuse for pulling NASCAR driver Blake Koch's ad for his sponsor.  Not one word about religion or specific political party is mentioned in the promotes voter registration. Because ESPN has refused to air the ad, Blake's sponsor dropped him.

Via: The Blaze

ESPN Allegedly Pulls NASCAR Ad Over Religious Undertones on Driver’s Personal Web Site

Like many other individuals and institutions in the entertainment and athletic realms, NASCAR driver Blake Koch is involved in a campaign aimed at educating fans on the importance of voting in U.S. elections.

Koch has teamed up with his sponsor, the Rise Up and Register campaign, in an effort to inspire greater political efficacy. But in an interview on “FOX & Friends,” Koch explained that an television ad he appeared in for the campaign never aired, as he alleges that ESPN rejected it based on purported political and religious overtones.
Koch told host Brian Kilmeade that ESPN relayed a message that the ad was pulled because of the religious undertones on his own web site.
“I didn’t think that my faith in Christ would have an impact on whether or not a sponsor could air a commercial or not,” he said, going on to say that he’s undeterred. “The one thing I will not do is deny my faith just because a particular sponsor might not like the way I express my faith, which I do on my own time.”

Visit The Blaze to read more and to see the entire video ad.

Blake Koch's Bio page and his Outreach page both speak to his Christian faith, which I suppose was too much for ESPN to handle.  That explains the "religious overtone" excuse, but I still didn't understand what the "political overtone" could be.  No political party was mentioned in the ad. 

I did a little more digging and found an article at SBNation that answered my question.  Here is the other reason ESPN found the RiseUpAndRegister sponsor was one they didn't want promoted on their network:

Koch is sponsored by, which aims to register 1 million new voters before the November elections. Though the TV commercial (which can be seen below the jump) doesn't mention a specific issue, links to an anti-abortion voting site called

So now we know why the people at ESPN refuse to air the ad.  Pathetic.

I hope Blake Koch finds another sponsor real soon.

UPDATE 4/19:



  1. "The Conservative Lady" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

    1. Jerry:
      Thank you for including TCL in your post. Hope everybody heads over to see who else is linked to over at Jerry's place.

  2. Don't you know? It's not NICE to be Christian!

  3. We've heard stories about Christian persecution in Muslim countries, it didn't take long to begin in the US after the election of Obama. We won't talk about " his Muslim faith."

    1. JF:
      Thank you for stopping by!
      I think religion in America has been under attack for many years and it only gets worse as time goes on. It didn't start with Obama, although it has seem to accelerate because now that the people doing it aren't afraid to do it out in the open and the Obama Administration promotes it. I don't know if Obama has any religion, although he claims to be a of the sort like Rev. Wright (Black Theology) I suppose. It's true Obama has a Muslim heritage and it may be because of this that his actions toward Israel are so controversial. So no, we won't talk about his "Muslim faith" because when we do we are mocked and called crazy right-winger racists. But I do believe that his upbringing (which consisted of a background combined with Marxist and Communist relatives/mentors/friends/teachers...not to mention his obvious socialist leanings) should have given us pause before we handed him the presidency. I pray that in November 2012 we will correct that mistake.
      Hope you'll come back and visit again.

  4. Replies
    1. I hope it ends well for Blake and he gets another sponsor. I guess that all depends on how good a racer he is and the willingness of another sponsor to give him support.
      As for our country...who knows. New (conservative) leadership would be nice and Americans who wake up from their apathy to stand up for their beliefs may help.

    2. Oh, and for ESPN...maybe they will lose some viewers, but I doubt if many viewers will ever hear about this incident. And for many it won't make a difference because they want to see the sports.

  5. George, It's ok to be Christian just not in Public.

    Koch needs a win or 2nd place to gain some publicity.

    If the Black Community is challenged on this and they
    are shown to understand that it's not in their faiths favor.
    And some strong negative comments to ESPN's site might
    just make ESPN change their ways.

    CL, it is Liberal Theology (the communist spin), the slant
    would not be taken in in the Black community, so the name
    change to Black Theology, for the lack of strong faith would
    be a easy sell. But most Black people are, or have a strong faith
    and do not buy in to the Black Theology
    (but most do not see the link to Liberal Theology).

  6. I heard the push for Liberal Theology in the `90's.
    I monitored NPR, and the push was there everyday,
    mostly about the Latin American's introduced to
    the Liberal Theology, and how that would be great if it would be caught on here. Yea, NPR was pushing this idea-about the same time as
    Rev. Wright was converting his congregation
    (and others behind the Pulpit of course).
    What a coincidence-yes?

    1. I am learning that nothing is a coincidence with these people. The whole thing is orchestrated.

  7. This is after all ABC. Of course they will always look for ways to stifle opposing views. That is the left's and the MSM's way of keeping their view up front and foremost in the minds of the mindless.


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