Monday, November 28, 2011

Need a Little Boost? Watch this...

We all need a little encouragement to keep on going, especially if you are a blogger like me who is constantly reading the doom and gloom in the news.  Today I came across an absolutely wonderful campaign ad posted at The Other McCain that fits the "inspiration" bill.

Meet Gary Glenn, who is running in the GOP Primary to take on Michigan's Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow.  Check out the video below if you want to be inspired.  Then stop over at The Other McCain for more information on Gary Glenn, GOP candidate in Michigan for US Senate.

You guys in Michigan should pay particular attention.  If you know any info on Mr. Glenn, please pass it along.


  1. More info on Gary Glenn:


    * Endorsed by Gov. Mike Huckabee

    * Winner of the straw polls following the two Tea Party-sponsored debates so far.

    * President, American Family Association of Michigan, and one of two co-authors of the Marriage Protection Amendment approved by Michigan voters in 2004.

    * In the 1980s, led the successful campaign to pass a Right to Work law in Idaho.

    * As a county commissioner, authored the nation's first Medical Savings Account healthcare plan for county employees anywhere in America. Invited to testify before Congress, where the committee chairman's top advisor called Glenn a "pioneer" in free market healthcare reform.

  2. Thanks for passing on this information about Gary Glenn. I was very impressed by his inspirational campaign ad.

  3. I can do the prayer part. And, yes, with men like him, I think we can get the 'train of success' going again. We have the tracks, we have the technology, we have the attitude, we have the capital (if it is being hidden or sent over seas at the moment) we just need the government, and it's expense, off our backs.

    Thanks for the lift. You are right, we need to hear of hope. Be well.

  4. OK Michigan, get off your A$$ and give Glenn your support!

  5. Likewise Maggie Thatcher rescued Britain from a period of "managed decline" and we rode on the back of her work for the next two decades. Sadly we have re-entered that process and Dave Cameron is no Maggie.

  6. Great video!

    Please, God, bring us a leader with the vision of Ronald Reagan.

  7. we need true leadership thats for sure CL! Keep the faith~ my friend:)

  8. Doom:
    Our country needs a positive leader who can communicate and then deliver.

  9. banned:
    You had Thatcher and we had Reagan. Hopefully, some day we will have great leaders again.


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