Friday, November 25, 2011

So Easy, A Game Show Host Can Do It

The Congress couldn't agree on budget cuts last week, so Chuck Woolery (former game show host), and his "crack team of researchers" show them how to do it.

Via: The Blaze

“It’s so easy, a gameshow host can do it.”

That’s what legendary gameshow host and Hollywood conservative Chuck Woolery — perhaps best known for his time hosting “The Love Connection” and the pre-Pat Sajak years of “The Wheel of Fortune” — says about cutting government spending by $1.5 trillion over ten years.

Watch Woolery, who is now a political pundit, of sorts, offer his 9 proposed government cuts — one of which is defunding “sanctuaries for albino squirrels.”

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi TCL! I always liked Chuck, more so now.
    I don't know how the albino squirrels will take it though...hee hee.

    I hope you and yours have the best Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, and stay away from the crazed hoards of rampaging shoppers!

  2. Lady, Chuck is my hero ... Chuck For President!

  3. Much more Chuck, please.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Wow I thought I was watching another sequel to them "Chuckie" movies there for a second.

    And yep Chuckies back and knows how slash.


    This guy is a gamer.

  5. Bunni:
    You won't catch me out shopping on Black Friday, even if I didn't have a broken foot. No way, no how.

  6. Hi Odie:
    Anybody but Obama. Even the guys on Chuck's team would be an improvement.

  7. Hi LSP:
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  8. AMOW:
    The Obama Admin is scarier than a Chuckie movie.

  9. That was awesome! I love Chuck's cuts to the budget. What it will take to cut the budget is good ole common sense, and unfortunately politicians are sorely lacking in common sense.

  10. I think we might need Monty Hall from "Let's make a deal"?

  11. Teresa:
    They never heard of such a thing as common sense.

  12. Hi Proof:
    How about Chuck Barris from the Gong Show?

  13. Hi Angel:
    I know. I havent' seen this guy in years.


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