Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Newsmax Interviews Rick Perry Today - Much Better Performance Than Last Debate

I still haven't settled on a favorite 2012 GOP Candidate and am interested in hearing what they all have to say...well there's a few I'm not interested in hearing to be honest...but I digress.

We all know that Rick Perry did a poor job in the FNC/Google debate and many think he may have blown his chances for the nomination because of it. I found this video of an interview Newsmax did with Perry today. It's a much better representation of what his stance is on things and he presents himself well.

Below the video is an explanation included on YouTube describing the interview.  Actually, there's a lot more to this interview than the write up.  Perry answers questions on social security, Obamacare, the free market, regulations, energy policy, foreign policy, faith, and a few others.
It's worth a watch.

An apologetic Texas Gov. Rick Perry says his use of the word 'heartless' was inappropriate to describe individuals who refused to provide discounted college tuition to illegal immigrants. In an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview, Perry says he is against building a border fence--except in metropolitan areas—to stop illegal immigration.


  1. I'm still on the fence about him, Romney and Cain. At the end of the day, I want someone that I feel confident in that can beat Obama. I don't think we should take it for granted that we can beat him. With his billion in his warchest, he can arm Acorn and all unions, lie, cheat and steal and everythin else he is so good at.

  2. Newsmax and Fox News are undetered in their effort to back Perry. I don't know the inner workings of politics, money, power, etc.,I'm sad that this year we have to do our own investigative journalism. Liberal media is for Obama. Usually "fair and balanced" conservative media, has gone corrupt, and is refusing to educate us on Perry's Pay-to-Play past. It's severe. I'm more worried about the press, than I am about his story not being told. Why have they allowed themselves to be bought?

  3. Perry say's "we wants straight speaking truth telling leaders." Why did he lie about that women with cervical cancer being the "lobby" that made his decision to mandate the vaccine? It is clearly documented that he met that women AFTER he mandated the vaccine. He said he only got $5,000 from the maker of the vaccine, when Merck gave him $400,000! Mike Toomey his chief of staff AND A LOBBIEST FOR MERCK PHARMACEUTICALS was paid DOUBLE the lobby of other state lobbiests.
    And if Perry was truthful that he "always sides on the side of life" then mammograms which kill 180,000 women a year, might have been a better investment than this unknown vaccine, barely released, and cervical cancer causes only 3,500 deaths a year. Those 11-12 yr old girls were REQUIRED to have that vaccine or they COULD NOT ENTER THE SIXTH GRADE! Cervical Cancer is not a communicable disease, like the other required vaccines prevent. So the fact that Perry's mandate WAS PURCHASED is a no-brainer. But Newsmax and Fox say nothing. and that is just the begininng. Perry has appointed at least four top donors or fund-raisers to the board of the Teacher Retirement System, a $110 billion pension fund. AND of the $37 million Perry received over 10 years from just 150 donors, almost half of those donors received big contracts, tax breaks or appointments during Perry's tenure. Yet Newsmax just keeps it up. How about Perry's private unchallenged infomercial, Newsmax provided him today?? Insane!

  4. Perry's suddenly becoming an evangelistic minister, when the people who know him best would characterize him differently: “With Perry, there’s his Christian conservative base and crony capitalism, and when push came to shove, crony capitalism won the day,” said Andrew Wheat, research director at Texans for Public Justice, which has frequently locked horns with the governor. “This puts him in trouble with a key part of his coalition.”

  5. Hi Rotti:
    We can't forget the corruption that surrounded the election last time. You're right. ACORN is still around, even if they call themselves something else.
    I also agree that we need a person who can beat Obama. Sadly, the debates between Obama and the GOP candidate might be the only way some people will determine who they vote for. Right now Perry's debating skills are a no win.
    I am still undecided about who I am going to vote for in the primary. We must all do our homework since the media will not.

  6. Hi boobooful:
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.
    Like I said, I am undecided on a favorite GOP candidate and your comments are helpful for everyone. Of course, since the media doesn't tell the truth, we all have to do our own homework.
    Thank goodness we have the blogs and conservative media to help sort through the lies.
    I hope you come back again.

  7. That was a pretty good interview. My favorite is Santorum but I also like Cain. Perry is okay, although I do have some concerns about him.

  8. Hi Teresa:
    I like Cain & Santorum, too. The comments left by boobooful regarding Perry are certainly worth looking into.

  9. I was for Perry before I was against him, before... Ugh. His immigration problem is as big as his cronyism and such. I don't mind warts, but when all there is is wart? :p

    Your advice is terribly sound. We are definitely left looking out for ourselves with msm on Obama's side, "conservative news" all out for Perry, and the (failed) GOP leadership all in for Romney, and Cain being a favored son of the Fed. The others? What is worse is I don't care for any of those thinking of throwing their hat in the ring. Christie? (fail) Ugh.

    I am praying for this nation like no time in my past. Obama has to lose but if a consensus on a single solid real-conservative candidate can't be had and roundly supported, Zero could still win.

  10. Perry is better than some namely Cain and Romney. However his immigration stance may be too much.

  11. Hi Trestin:
    Perry has a problem with immigration, that's for sure. If he can make a case for why his decision was right for Texas as an individual state (there are others with the same policy), then he may have a chance. But the conservatives are going to be a hard sell.
    Why don't you like Cain?


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