Monday, October 3, 2011

Governor Perry, the "Racist Rock" and a Request for the GOP Candidates to Focus

I've been listening to the accusations about Rick Perry being a racist all morning.  It centers around a rock at one of the entrances of the Crooked River Ranch, a place where Perry and his father used to hunt.  The Perry's never owned the property, but leased the rights to hunt on it.  Perry is disputing the claims.

I found the story below by Ali A. Akbar, interesting.  It also has some revealing commentary about the desperation of the Washington Post to make these claims against Perry:

Ali A. Akbar: Rick Perry is not a Racist

Governor Perry, my Governor, is no racist.
I suppose there’s a first time for every baseless accusation, it’s just hard to understand why it always must come from Newsweek, Huffington Post, The New York Times, or, in this case, another usual suspect, The Washington Post.
Crooked River Ranch is the place in question. Apparently at one time the word, Lord forgive me, “niggerhead” was written on a rock at one of the entrances. The word is offensive, terrible, and has no place there or anywhere. The Washington Post wants you to believe that Perry drew the word itself—on his property—and is now trying to hide his white robe.
But facts are stubborn but neutral things.
Perry and his family never, not ever, owned the property. This is a 42,000 acre ranch is owned by the Hendricks Home for Children, a west Texas charity.
About the charity:
Since 1939, Hendrick Home for Children has been a safe and loving “home” for thousands of children after living their early lives in poverty, abuse and neglect.
Perry’s father reportedly painted over the offensive language on the rock in question soon after leasing the 1,000 acre parcel in the early 1980s. Seriously. A 1,000 acre rental on a 42,000 acre ranch owned by a West Texas charity that assists homeless children. The Washington Post literally took an inch and made it a mile.
When Perry became a party to the hunting lease from 1997 to 2007, the property was described as northern pasture. His campaign told the press that the Governor hasn’t even been to the site since 2006. And Hugh Hewitt gets it right, “many, many people were interviewed for the story. Only seven recall seeing the rock, and not one of them connect Rick Perry to it, nor do any of the people …”
That’s not journalism.

Click to read Mr. Akbar's comments on the Washington Post...
The Left will be floating this type of story about the GOP candidates throughout the campaign because they can't sell Obama any other way.  It's unfortunate when a GOP candidate jumps on ANY chance to hit on his/her opponent.  For example, Michele Bachmann and the Gardasil causing mental retardation claim against Perry and now Herman Cain on the "racist rock".  In both cases, there is no evidence that the claims are true, but by stating comments or opinions before validating the stories, they are helping the Left promote their slandering agenda.  The GOP candidates should know better.  Michele Bachmann has had her share of slander thrown at her (e.g., migraine story) and Herman Cain will have his share if he continues to rise the the polls.  It's how the Left works.

I hope the GOP candidates will focus on the policies of their opponents and save their comments and opinions for those issues.  Commenting and stating opinions on the "hearsay" or "slander" thrown out there by the drive-by media with definitive criticisms, only makes them (the GOP candidates) look stupid.  I know they want to knock Perry out of the poll lead, but please have some discretion and pick your fights more judiciously.  Stick to the FACTS and don't lower yourselves to the level of the Left.  Their agenda is the opposite of yours...they WANT Obama for 4 more years.


  1. we truly have to vet our candidates this time..what a mess we are in CL!

  2. Cain is trash. I'm not a Perry guy, but he is no racist. If anything his father painting over the rock shows how against racism his family is.

  3. Hi Angel:
    Yes, we must vet our candidates. Unfortunately, the drive-by media's interpretation of vetting is lying. When it comes to the GOP, they lie by telling denigrating, untrue stories about them. When it comes to the Libs/Dems, they lie by omitting the truth about them, e.g., Prez Obama. They didn't think it was necessary to vet him.

  4. Trestin:
    I don't think Herman Cain is trash. I think he used very poor judgment. His comments have added fuel to the fire of the Left's race baiting, and all over a lie. I hope he reconsiders his reaction and apologizes to Gov. Perry.

  5. When I was in the car and heard this on the radio, I figured I'd see your take written here today! Good guesser, aren't I? hehe

    They drive me nuts when there are so many huge issues and they get so sidetracked even within the party that it comes to this. WE NEED TO TAKE IT BACK this time, and I'm looking for someone who can win, not just someone I can like! I don't want to be embarrassed or have to hold my breath every time my preferred candidate speaks. I don't want to feel like Barry must feel every time Joey B. opens his mouth.

  6. Hi Deb:
    Your Joey B. comment made me laugh out loud. Glad I already had swallowed my coffee ;).
    I agree with you about being embarrassed about the candidate. That's the way I felt with John McCain (when I cast my vote, it was for Sarah Palin).
    Obama looks very vulnerable right now, but we still have a year to go before the election. We need a winner.
    Good guess on me commenting about the story.

  7. Lady:

    Just part of the political environs these days. The left has quite a few plays in the playbook that still work. And this one is a time tested one: The Big Lie. Goebbels loved this one, worked like a charm for most of WWII, and kept most of the German population in the dark as to the true nature of the Nazis.

    The left will keep telling us what a racist Rick Perry is, from this point forward, with no end.

    And some of the more obtuse among us will believe it, and vote accordingly.

    We just have to perservere, fight the good fight and soldier on in the face of this evil enemy who knows no shame, who has no regard for the truth and considers that the end justifies the means - the radical left.

  8. Hi Fredd:
    Well said. The "race card" is the Left's last resort and they never fail to pull it. Soon we'll be hearing from the Revs. Sharpton & Jackson adding fuel to the fire.

  9. Lady:

    We'll be standing by, waiting for the Rev. Sharpton to fire up his bullhorn and let us all know what racists we all are on the right. Like the sun coming up in the east, and setting in the west, it's coming...

    And notice how I can summon analogies of Nazi Germany and the tactics of the left, and not get kicked off of Monday Night Football by ESPN, like Hank Williams Jr.

    Must be my looks....

  10. This is horrible, the MSM will do all it can to re-elect bozo, and lying is the playbook. It's gonna get way worse.

  11. It is the job of the Obama Press to try and control the topic. It is the job of ALL the candidates not let them.

  12. Hi Bunni:
    This is probably going to be one rough election. The crap is going to be flying like crazy. We have to know how to sort through it and not let the Left distract us with BS.

  13. Hi Odie:
    Exactly correct and some of these candidates aren't very good at staying on track.

  14. have a great rest of the day my friend~:)

  15. When the facts aren't on their side the Left usually resort to using the race card. This election is gonna get ugly because the Left will resort to anything in order to cover for their man and reelect Obama.

  16. Hi Teresa:
    Exactly. And the "fun" is just beginning.

  17. I don't like Cain one bit. His Fed connection and now this are too much for me.

  18. Hi Trestin:
    I did a little digging after reading your comment about Cain and the Fed because I didn't know too much about it. I found this article addressing the subject which includes a video of Glenn Beck interviewing Cain. He asks him about his involvement with the Fed. Maybe you would find it interesting. Here's the link:
    As you know, I still don't have a favorite in the GOP field. I'm still trying to weed through it all.


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