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UPDATE 8/24: Obama Administration Bypasses Congress Again

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This is just another example of how the Obama Administration bypasses Congress to enact whatever it damn well pleases:

According to

Obama Administration to Review All Deportation Cases, Apply DREAM Act-Style Criteria

The Obama administration announced Thursday that it would launch a case-by-case review of illegal immigrants slated for deportation, in a move that could grant a reprieve to so-called DREAM Act beneficiaries and thousands of others. 
The DREAM Act is a proposal in Congress to give illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children a chance at legal status if they complete two years of college or military service. Though the bill has not passed, supporters and critics alike suggested Thursday's announcement could serve to unilaterally carry out its provisions.
A spokeswoman with the Federation for American Immigration Reform described the new policy as "blanket amnesty." 

Janet Napolitano says that this procedure will "enhance public safety" by focusing deportation efforts on those "who pose a threat." 

I say it's just another ploy by the Obama Administration to garner votes.

The final paragraph sums it up nicely:
But FAIR described the announcement as a complete overhaul of immigration law without approval by Congress. 
"Having failed in the legislative process, the Obama administration has simply decided to usurp Congress's constitutional authority and implement an amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens," FAIR President Dan Stein said. "This step by the White House amounts to a complete abrogation of the president's duty to enforce the laws of the land and a huge breach of the public trust. ... In essence, the administration has declared that U.S. immigration is now virtually unlimited to anyone willing to try to enter -- and only those who commit violent felonies after arrival are subject to enforcement."
King Obama and his Czars are making Congress more insignificant every day (if that's even possible).  Obama is doing a bang up job of accomplishing his plan to "fundamentally transform America".  So when I hear people say Obama is failing, I say "no he isn't".  He's doing exactly what he set out to do...turn America into a third world nation.

UPDATE 8/24:
Immigration Activists Celebrate Obama Amnesty Order
“The administration’s announcement also had an immediate impact on a case in Denver, where an immigration judge on Friday postponed the deportation of Sujey Pando, a lesbian from Mexico legally married in Iowa to an American from Colorado, Violeta Pando. Although federal law does not recognize same-sex marriages, administration officials said they would consider same-sex spouses as ‘family’ in their review of deportation cases.”
-- Passage from New York Times article “U.S. Issues New Deportation Policy’s First Reprieves.”
Proponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants are cheering the move by the Obama administration to explicitly shield preferred illegals from deportation.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have always prioritized deportation cases, giving first priority to bad actors and shuffling downward those who are otherwise abiding by American laws.
The administration has defended the move on the grounds that they have to focus on violent offenders and dangerous criminals. But that’s what the existing rules did. The new policy now in place doesn’t focus on kicking out the bad guys, but instead setting the criteria for which illegals are to be left alone. While the DREAM Act would have provided amnesty for those here illegally who are enrolled in college or serving in the military, the new rules are in many ways broader.
Illegal immigrants who are part of same-sex couples, relatives of citizens, students and many others have been exempted from deportation. Most of these folks wouldn’t have been deported before (Power Play observes that illegals who lead marches and give interviews to the New York Times must have had little fear of deportation to begin with) but now they have a explicit amnesty.
The White House, knowing the capacity for outrage at the exercise of broad executive power on such a controversial subject, rolled out the new policy in stages, revealing the final parameters on a Friday afternoon as the president was leaving town for 10 days.
But activists are starting to catch on to the scope of their victory. Republican lawmakers, too, have started to see how big a deal this is.

ACT NOW: Stop Obama Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens (Call Reps and GOP Candidates)
Stand With Arizona ^ | 08-20-2011 | John Hill
(1) Call Your Representative Now:
* Find your elected officials HERE

Congress is on August break so use the "Local" or "District" offices, and MELT THE PHONE LINES!
Your Reps publicly oppose the Obama amnesty plan IMMEDIATELY.
(2) Contact Reps. By E-Mail message:
* Direct contact your House Rep. HEREDEMAND Your Reps publicly oppose the Obama amnesty plan IMMEDIATELY.
(3) By Social Media: Go to SWA's Facebook Page and Share this link to everyone you know. On Twitter, share this link and use the hashtag "#noamnesty" in your tweet.
(4) Contact Each Republican Presidential Candidate
DEMAND they denounce the Obama Amnesty and make this issue front and center to their campaign, or lose your support.
By our reckoning, NO candidate has yet made a statement on this disgraceful action, even though AZ Gov. Jan Brewer reacted within hours.
(Email links below)
Phone and Email Talking Points:
  • "I am outraged at Barack Obama's blanket amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens."
  • "It is disgraceful for Obama to do an end-run around the duly-elected Congress which rejected the DREAM Act twice."
  • "I want to see you speaking out this weekend against the Obama Amnesty."
  • "Please defend legal immigrants and citizens by denouncing this lawless action by President Obama."
  • "Enforcement works! That is why 75% of Americans support strict penalties against employers who hire illegals. Any official who does not fight this outrage is going against the will of the American People."
  • "It is a slap in the face to the 22 million unemployed Americans to give work permits to illegal alien lawbreakers so they can take MORE jobs away and drive down wages further when families are already struggling to make ends meet."
  • "This bill is an insult both to legal immigrants who played by the rules, as well as American citizens, who would be hurt by the tidal wave of illegal workers--and their families--that would result from this bill.
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  1. Wait, isn't it the 60 or so members out of 535, calling themselves the Tea Party who have been in congress since Jan 2011 who have disallowed obama to fix the economy ?

    Yes people do believe that.

  2. Well, it's either the Tea Party or George Bush or the Arab Spring or the tsunami or just plain bad luck...take your pick.

  3. Somehow the commenting on this post is bouncing back and forth between blogger comment and Intense Debate. The comment below is from Teresa at Teresamerica that was left at Intense Debate:

    teresamerica @ The Conservative Lady - Obama Administration B... 16 hours ago · 0 replies · +1 points
    The Obama administration hates both our Constitution and America as a Republic. Obama has no qualms with violating the Constitution and violating his oath of office. Somehow Republicans need to stop this. Not sure how this can be done but something needs to be figured out. Maybe an investigation or something?
    My recent post Stacy McCain is Right - Rick Santorum: "This is the little engine that could campaign"

  4. Teresa:
    I agree with you. I don't know how the Republicans can stop it either, but they better make an effort to do everything possible to end it. It's so obvious Obama is doing this for the votes.

  5. Two things here ... They are called illegal because they already broke a law! Deport deport deport!

    Second, it's time for congress to take an honest look at impeachment of his lordship. There are three branches of government, and he is circumventing the "Peoples House"!

  6. Hi TCL, welcome back.
    Here in Britain they just allow backlogs of court cases for processing illegal immigrants to build up and then periodically hold their hands up in horror and announce an amnesty for all those who have been here for 5 years or so and in that way the problem is 'solved'.

  7. Hi Odie:
    They aren't "illegal" anymore...they are now "undocumented". It's all in the wording.
    As for impeaching his that would be appropriate for what Obama has been doing for the past 2-1/2 years. I doubt Nancy and Harry would let that go very far.

  8. Hi banned:
    Thanks for the welcome home.
    Sorry to hear that Britain doesn't have a good immigration policy either. No wonder our countries are so screwed up. We don't enforce our laws and then have to pay the consequences.

  9. hiya CL..ah yes those thousands of criminals whose votes he is now counting on...its twisted!

  10. I saw this coming long before the 2010 elections.

  11. Hi Trestin:
    The MO of the left is to get as many people as possible dependent on them so that the votes are secure. Whether it be immigration, food stamps, unemployment, all adds up to votes.

  12. What I will never understand is why congress sits backs and allows their rightful and legal power to be usurped. I asked both my senators that question. One said that wasn't happening. How stupid do they think I am? I can read, and actually have read the constitution.

  13. JACG:
    That's a great question. Your senator either has his head in the sand or really does think you're stupid.
    Thank goodness we are waking up and are now paying attention to what is really happening on Capitol Hill. The jokers up there who still think their constituents are oblivious need to be out on their butts next election.

  14. Even the liberal WaPo has stated that this action by the Obama administration is his shilling for Latino votes!

  15. AOW:
    It is so obvious what's going on here, I guess they are afraid their "credibility" will be questioned if they don't tell the truth.


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