Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chris Christie and the Boston Pops

Via: The Blaze


  1. That was nice, thank you.

    St. Nick had best beware of the UKs army of Diversity OutReach Co-ordinators (DORCs) who will make sure he puts his pipe out before entering any enclosed place, does not increase the obesity epidemic by eating too many mince pies, does not risk binge drinking by accepting more than two glasses of sherry.
    The DORCs will note that the employment of 7 dwarfs shows awareness of disabilty issues; Happy being gay and Bashfull not yet sure ticks the LGBT box but but will question him the complete lack of women and ethnic diversity among his workers

  2. Hi banned:
    Glad you liked it. Cris Christie (New Jersey Governor) has become America's favorite governor it seems. He is standing up to the unions and says what he means without caring who he offends.
    As for the DORCs...that's a perfect name for them (spelled wrong though...should be DORKs). I just googled Diversity OutReach Coordinator and there are loads of job openings for them. Maybe Obama can give some of them to our unemployed masses. It will get them off of the 13 month unemployment checks he's about to extend.

  3. And to all who thought (hoped?) that he is a one-trick pony: I bring news.

  4. Larry:
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll come back again.


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