Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Class Warfare, Revolution, Civil Unrest and the Unified Quest 2011

On November 25, I did this post containing a video about socialists knowing that now is the time for "revolution".

If you saw last night's Glenn Beck show, you will know why I am doing this post and using these examples of how class warfare is being used to stir people up in America who feel disenfranchised.

Below are a few videos of people we all know, saying basically the same thing as the video about the socialists being ready for "revolution".  They are using class warfare as their weapon.

The last video tells us how the Federal government is preparing for "civil unrest".  It's called "Unified Quest 2011"

Um-mm...would that be the "civil unrest" caused by the encouragement of  Leftists who use class warfare to manipulate Americans in economic hard times?

The Blaze:

Van Jones Predicts ‘Potential Nightmare Scenario’ of Social Unrest

The Blaze:

Ends Justifies the Means: Ron Reagan Jr. — Bring a Gun to Fight for Social Justice

Senator Claire McCaskill: Time for the Pitchforks
Go to 1:20 minute for entire comment.
"It really is time for the people of America to take up pitchforks."

Another example of "stirring the people up" is Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and his threat to, ..."blanket the country with marches and sit-ins and protests in order to get this measure (The Dream Act) and many more signed into law....".  Sounds like something that could turn into "civil unrest" if you ask me.

The following video explains how the federal government is planning to handle the "civil unrest".  I guess they are expecting some...

The Blaze

‘Unified Quest 2011’: Pentagon ‘War Games’ U.S. Economic Meltdown

  • Army studying implications of large scale economic unrest.

  • Would force the Army to keep domestic order amid civil unrest.

  • Army to deal with fragmented global power and drastically lower budgets.

Further reading:
The Coming Insurrection


  1. War is always the elephant in the room. Conservatives spoke of civil war after Obama's election. Obama did make significant inroads against American freedom, but there is a voting-booth pressure valve that WORKED.

    Now the leftists are feeling the heat. They know their hands are tied legislatively for who knows how long. The immature cry babies want what they want and THEY WANT IT NOW! So of course there is talk of violence.

    The good news is that most leftists are a bunch of beta males at best. Not warriors.

    God bless us, our American warriors are as a whole, good men who stand for freedom. They will stand with us and our veterans as well. The leftists are screwed. They know it and they are writhing and crying. Keep an eye on them but trust in the goodness of the majority of your countrymen. Especially the ones who own most of the guns.

  2. It is the same old crap. They have been doing this sort of thing for years.

    The only real difference is that they are being out in the open about it now.

    I would think that is a postive thing. It is much easier to convince people that this is happening when you have the videos of their own words.

  3. The "Takers" want to own this country, and want us working for them. Social Justice is a Socialist's PC term for "Theft".

  4. And... It will get worse before it gets better.

  5. This is all scary stuff TCL. However, knowing that something is possible allows one to prepare.

  6. Opie:
    I know you are right about the majority of Americans. Let's hope that the other 20% don't fall into the trap these Lefties are setting for them.

  7. JACG:
    They have become very bold lately and aren't trying to hide their politics anymore. What scares me is that more and more young people don't even realize what a communist is. They are the vulnerable ones who can be manipulated. People like Van Jones are targeting the kids.

  8. Odie:
    It sure is and now that we are on to them, they are motivated to move faster toward their goal.

  9. Trestin:
    It sure will, especially while Obama is in office.

  10. Matt:
    That's true and getting oneself to accept that fact and prepare for it is the hard part.


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