Thursday, November 25, 2010

Socialists Know Now is the Time for Fighting Revolution

This video was recorded on November 11, 2010 at the National Socialist Convention in Los Angeles.  The theme is, Time For Revolution is Now.

Via:  The Blaze
Crises of Capitalism: Socialists Know Time for Fighting Revolution is Now

It sounds like these guys have this book on their reading list.


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  2. alfred:
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow. I'll stop by yours soon.

  3. JACG:
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Day too.

  4. Our eyes are open now. We know they are among us.

    Sad for them, we are well armed. I think American freedom will win.

  5. Right all they need is two thing.
    1 amnesty
    2 control of the internet

  6. Socialists... what a nightmare.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. EVERYONE ! if you have a Facebook account, let's meet Trestin at 8:00 AM PST (11:00 EST) Saturday morning for a chat. He'll be there ... it's been arranged.

  8. This is predictable. The hard left has been waiting for this kind of moment before. Problem for them is that we can fight back.

    This kind of thing always leads me to the following question: How many millions of people are they willing to kill to win their revolution, and how many millions more are they willing to kill to oppress everyone if they win? Also, how many millions more do they plan on dying once their system fails?

  9. Opie:
    Thank God they have been exposed. Imagine if we were still with our heads in the sand.

  10. Hi Trestin:
    Exactly correct and with the Obama administration, they will try to do these things by bypassing Congress.

  11. LSP:
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, too.
    This is our nightmare, but at least we are on to them.

  12. Odie:
    Sorry I missed that. I didn't log on until the afternoon. Hope it was a fun discussion.

  13. Matt:
    Yes, they don't try to hide themselves any longer and now that we know about them, they will expedite their plans. They know that if they don't do it fast, they will fail.
    I hope it doesn't come down to violence. I pray to God it does not.

  14. Eugene Puryer appears to occupy some sort of cloud cuckoo land what with "just like the working class has beat (sic) the capitalist class for years on end and brought revolutions and liberations around the world"

    Oh really, and where was that Eugene? North Korea, Cuba? Or has the American teaching of history become as corrupt as it has in Britain such that Mr Puryer believes such tosh.

  15. banned:
    These socialists are running their game plan right out of the book, "The Coming Insurrection". Although it was written regarding France and the troubles there, the socialists are all on the same wavelength with the same game plans.
    As for American history being rewritten...I don't know where Mr. Puryer studied, but I do know that the progressives have rewritten American history in our textbooks over the years to fit their view of the world. Glenn Beck has been promoting and encouraging all of us to learn the real history of America. Our kids have been corrupted and parents must take the initiative to teach them the truth.

  16. ...and they chose Veteran's Day to rail about U.S. Imperialsim.

    I didn't get out and about to say Happy Thanksgiving, TCL. I had a house full of family until yesterday. It was a very special Thanksgiving, and I hope yours was the same.

  17. Hi..This is my first time here..A very scary video...We are in the fight of our lives on several fronts..I look forward to reading you often. I just started a new political blog myself primarly because I could not contain myself any longer..:) I hope you visit as time will allow..
    my best

  18. Maggie:
    Ironic, isn't it.
    Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family.

  19. Carl:
    Thank you for stopping by TCL and for the follow. I'll stop by your place to check it out.
    Yes, this is a very scary video and we must be one step ahead of these people.


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