Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facing Reality

I found the below Weekly Standard article linked to over at Red and think it's one that puts the GOP win in perspective.  Yuval Levin compares the big Democrat celebration made in 2006 to the low key celebration of the GOP's win last week.  Obviously, the Dems were in fantasy land when they won.  With their win, the GOP is actually facing a difficult reality.  Mr. Levin lays out the difficult job that lays ahead of our new Congress.

The truth is, there are going to be really hard decisions to make in order to get our country out of the mess we are in (some even we, the people who pushed the GOP over the top, aren't going to like).  John Boehner knows this and we have to be prepared to accept some pain in the process.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to read the article.  We all know this isn't going to be easy, so we have to expect some bumps in the road.  One thing is for sure, Americans who fought hard against the Obama Agenda are strong and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to save our Republic.  The question is...Is the GOP strong enough to stay true to their convictions and get the job done?

Hold The Balloons

On November 7, 2006, the Democrats marked their takeover of Congress with a raucous celebration at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Capitol Hill. Balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling as the party’s leaders stood on the stage arm-in-arm, beaming with joy. “Tonight is a great victory for the American people,” Nancy Pelosi declared, as Chuck Schumer pumped his fists in the air behind her.
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  1. I'm still trying to be hopeful CL! hope your'e havin a great weekend my friend!:)

  2. Angel:
    Lots of hope and lots of prayers. You have a great weekend, too!

  3. I think true conservatives can tough it out. I believe the question will be whether our will-o'-the-wisp friends in that vast undedcided middle ground have the stomach for serious change. After all, they voted for Obama two years ago and they don't like him now.

  4. Great article TCL, thanks for posting it, and many thanks for the kind words over at TBAA... I'll get through this because I'm just not ready to slow down and The Good Lord has my back...

  5. Those who expect this congress to reverse the mess of the last few year are in fantasy land. Is it better now? Yes. But, we simply do not have the votes to overcome a presidential veto, and as we all know he will not compromise on his agenda.

  6. I can't really imagine the scope of the difficulty we face in the coming years. The next two will hardly accomplish what is needed to overhaul the country. I think the best advice I could ever give the Republicans as they transition back towards constitutionalism is to trust the American people, and talk to the earnestly, clearly explaining the situations we face and the road we need to travel to reach our goals. All the while building up our patriotic spirit. That was why Reagan was so successful. He wasn't called the "great communicator" for nothing. Follow his lead...

  7. Gorges:
    Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see. People are fickle, and that "middle of the road" person can go either way. The GOP must not only govern, they must convince the wishy-washy people to stick with them.

  8. Born Again American:
    I'm glad to hear your positive attitude. You're right...the Lord has your back. Psalm 121 is my favorite.

  9. Hi Trestin:
    You're right. Obama will use the veto pen whenever he can. The GOP will have to show they are serious about their promises, even if Obama vetoes. They can have some affect and they must capitalize on whatever power they have. Hopefully, in 2 years Americans will be ready for a new President who will be willing to turn things around.

  10. HTBWS:
    You've hit the nail on the head. The GOP must get better at communicating the dire situation our country is in and that a conservative agenda is the answer. That's part of the problem...we can't resurrect President Reagan.

  11. CL, as I understand it the Republicans will now Chair all or most of the Congressional committees; does that mean they have access to the true depths of the mess that America is in unlike UKs Conservatives who had to guess at how bad things might be while making election promises?

    If so that would be an enormous advantage for a future Republican President.

  12. Overall, I am encouraged by the results of last Tuesday's election. Regardless of their party affiliation or political orientation, every politician in Washington DC was put on notice last Tuesday that the American people have been pushed too far for too long. Elected officials are supposed to represent the people who put them in office. Forgetting or refusing to listen to those people is a fatal mistake.

    The next two months will be a measure of whether the incumbents who managed to hang onto their seats last Tuesday are finally listening. The four to six months following will be a measure of whether the newly elected will remain true to the principles that put them in office.

  13. Hi banned:
    The Republicans are now the majority in the House of Representatives. The heads of committees will change to the Repubs, but the committees contain both parties. I don't know who knows what or is privy to what. Maybe someone else who reads this can answer that question.
    As far as I'm concerned, anybody in power who wants to know about the road we're headed down just has to watch Glenn Beck's show. Sometimes I think that everyday Americans know more than the politicians who have been more interested in "keeping" their jobs than "doing" their jobs. The mentality is, that they'll be long gone before the sh*t hits the fan.
    I am hopeful that the new people headed to Capitol Hill in January will stay true to their principles and do all in their power to set things right. Only time will tell, but it's a start.
    We're in trouble thanks to both the Dems & the Repubs, so we need to purge the "ruling class" of both parties and put people in who aren't jaded by DC. The trick is keeping them that way.

  14. Woman:
    I'm encouraged by last week's election, too. Now the hard work begins and Americans must hold their feet to the fire to get the job done. No more apathy.
    The next several months are going to be interesting.


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