Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Puppet Master? Day 1

Yesterday began Glenn Beck's series on The Puppet Master? - George Soros. This is a must see for everyone, especially those who doubt that Mr. Soros is behind the plan to form a "New World Order". Don't take Glenn at his word, he has provided all background research for you to check on it yourself in this article at The Blaze.

Could it be that Mr. Soros is so concerned about Beck's exposure of him, that he felt the need to release this propaganda piece yesterday?

Video via:  The Blaze

Watch these videos to see the reality about George Soros, much of it in his own words.  You'll also hear about the gift Glenn received from Mr. Soros and the statement made by one of Soros's goons, which can't be mistaken as anything but a threat.  The clip from the video of Hillary Clinton praising Mr. Soros is one I hope will be available in 2012, wink, wink.

Pray for Glenn and his family.  Whatever you think about Glenn, he is courageous to take Soros on.  Although this information has been available to us all along, it doesn't seem to have resonated as a serious threat to America, until now.  This evil man's nefarious plans are not just a "conspiracy theory" any more.

The series continues today and tomorrow on Fox News Channel at 5 PM EST.

See the videos from Days 2 & 3 here.


  1. I watched it last night too. I have to say about half of what I heard last night I've known for about the last 5 years at least. Glenn does tie all of the loose ends together well when it comes to Spooky Dude.

  2. Odie:
    I think a lot of people don't know much about the "spooky dude" and will be enlightened by this series. The best result from this will be the beginning of the unraveling of the Soros plan. Look what happened after "We're Not Alone"...everything changed.

  3. George Soros is for anything BUT an open society. He is the puppet master of tyranny and oppression. George Soros sure is one "spooky dude".

  4. Hi Teresa:
    I think George is starting to feel the heat a little now that Beck is zeroing in on him. It's about time someone stood up to this monster.

  5. Soros scares the bejeezus out of me. I have no doubt that he has less-than-honorable intentions for our country, quite sadly!

    Glad I found your blog! I can relate to your motivation for blogging. After the health care bill passed, I about went out of my mind. I started volunteering with my county's GOP, and started my own blog over the Summer. It's a great outlet!

    Have a great day :-)

  6. Lassie:
    Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. I'll head over to your place and check it out.
    The blog has turned into a great way to vent. Good luck with yours.

  7. Spooky Dude seems correct. When you look at the actions of the organizations that he funds, and he continues to fund them, you know he must supports the lies and attempts to silence others.

  8. Hi Matt:
    Soros is one BAD Spooky Dude. It's wonderful that Beck is shining a spotlight on him. More people must know about the forces working against our Republic and who is pulling the strings.


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