Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You've Got It Wrong Again, Charlie!

This video was published at Shark Tank.
Governor Charlie Crist reminiscing on his days as a Republican while addressing a room of Democrats in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Sorry, Charlie. You have it wrong again. 

You were never a "Republican". 

You were a RINO!

Is this guy disgusting, or what?  Someone commented that he is a "political whore".  That's a great description.

And for any of you Florida Republicans who were still planning on voting for Charlie...well, I hope you see this video and it helps you to realize what a jerk this guy really is. 


  1. We can't afford RINOs who will throw us over for the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda. Our country can't take it.

  2. Your right. Crist was a RINO, not a Republican. "Political whore" is a good description of Crist also. Florida needs to say bye-bye to Crist and say welcome loud and clear to Rubio.

  3. Hi Opie:
    No more RINOs. We got rid of Specter...we got Brown. I'd bet that if Crist wins, he will caucus with the Democrats.

  4. Hi Teresa:
    I sure hope Rubio wins. Every day I find more reason to dislike Charlie Crist.

  5. ugh RINO's make us all ill hun..thanks so much for the link and God bless!

  6. Everything you ever needed to know about Crist happened in a two week period - from the time he told Chris Wallace that he would run as nothing but a Republican on National TV, to the time he announced he would run as an independent (because he was getting his lunch handed to him by Rubio's principled stand on the issues). Crist is a snake! And he is a liar! He has no honor and I see the content of his character is much like that of an earth worm. How can you trust him at all?

  7. HBWS:
    I was encouraged to see Crist's poll numbers begin to decline again. Even the Dems should realize what a "snake" this guy is and that he will back stab them as fast as he did the GOP.

  8. When does he get it right? I am sure over his career he has done some good things, but not lately. He is an opportunist of the highest order.

    I have not looked at the polls of late, the last time I looked he was still ahead. Which just makes me skin crawl. This is the reason our country is in this mess, how can anyone vote for this man?

  9. JACG:
    The FL Senate race polls are so tight with Rubio and Crist bouncing back and forth in a very tight race. It even differs depending on which Democrat (Meeks or Greene) is nominated. Once the Aug. 24th primary is over and the Dem candidate is chosen, the polls will be a little less confusing. I try not to put too much credence in the polls. I think Rasmussen is the most credible.

  10. So?.. Do you like him? lol yeah he is a piece of work.

  11. This bum is the WORST RINO ever!
    I can't wait until he's kicked to the curb November.

  12. Hi Bunni:
    And I can't wait to start kicking.


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