Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque is A-OK With Charlie "Chameleon" Crist

  Photo by ProudDemocrat
I know I've been posting a lot about the Florida US Senate race, but it is imperative that Charlie Crist (Independent Opportunist Chameleon) does not win in the general election.  Crist just keeps adding more reasons every day that he is not worthy of the title of US Senator.  He's trying his hardest to court the Democrats away from their candidates by "changing" like a chameleon into what he thinks will win him their votes.  This time, I think, he's gone too far.

There has been a lot of controversy about the mosque being built at Ground Zero.  An article I found at the Daily Caller really brings to light how desperate Charlie is to please the Obama Regime:
Independent candidate Gov. Charlie Crist, Republican candidate Marco Rubio, and Democratic candidates Rep. Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene have all spoken publicly about the issue, while Crist is the only one who has shown outright support for the president’s stance.
"I think he’s right,” Crist said of Obama’s recent statements about the Muslim community center that is planned to be built two blocks north of the Ground Zero site."I mean you know we’re a country that in my view stands for freedom of religion and respect for others. I know there are sensitivities and I understand them. This is a place where you’re supposed to be able to practice your religion without the government telling you you can’t.”
Apparently, the only "sensitivities" Charlie is worried about is the "sensitivities" of Islamic terrorists.

Of course, the candidate who should win the race, Marco Rubio, has a totally different stance on this issue:
Rubio, who has a five percentage point lead against Crist in the latest Rasmussen poll, took a hard line against the project Saturday.
“We are a nation founded on strong principles of religious freedom. However, we cannot be blind to the pain 9/11 caused our nation and the families of the victims,” Rubio said in a statement Saturday. “It is divisive and disrespectful to build a mosque next to the site where 3,000 innocent people were murdered at the hands of Islamic extremism. I strongly disagree with President Obama and Charlie Crist.”
Even the Democrat candidates for FL Senate won't go as far as Crist in supporting Obama's stance on the mosque.  Jeff Green is against building the mosque near Ground Zero and Kendrick Meek has a very "meak" stance on it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see a Democrat win this race either, but at least they have enough sense to back away from totally agreeing with Obama on this one.

So Charlie, you and Hammas agree with Obama about building the mosque at Ground Zero.
Shame on you, Charlie.


  1. Maybe he should change his name from Crist to Mohammed, or Jihad.

  2. Opie:
    He should just change his name to "idiot".

  3. No real need to change Charlie's name. Just mention 'that weasel down in Florida,' and everyone will know to whom you refer.

  4. So Charlie, you and Hammas agree with Obama about building the mosque at Ground Zero.
    Shame on you, Charlie...and all the dhimmi libs too!!

  5. Angel:
    How anyone could think that building a mosque near Ground Zero is a good idea is beyond me. I hope the people (especially the republicans) who are still thinking about voting for Crist, will realize their mistake before it's too late.

  6. Odie:
    You're right. Crist is nothing but a Democrat. He's not kidding anyone.

  7. Fredd:
    Didn't you mean that "yellow weasel down in Florida". I think Charlie is breaking the bank on his tanning booth budget ever since Obama added the tax on tanning salons.

  8. America has spoken, and about 85-90% say no Mosque on that site. Those people who demand the right to build there need to be told to leave the country, and never come back. No Mosque needs to be build there. The vast majority of Americans say NO!!!!

    Imagine a Mother/Father that lost a child at the WTC on 9-11 and now Nancy is calling for them to be investigated because they don't want a Masque build on their child's grave!

  9. Ciao Baby:
    Well said.
    The Obama Regime and the progressives have yet to care what the majority of Americans say or want. They are on a mission and we will not get in their way.
    Good to hear from you.


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