Monday, August 9, 2010

Obama Gets "Booed" by the Boy Scouts

Obama chose "The View" over the Boy Scouts. They were not pleased.


  1. The future looks bight when you see these kids.

  2. Being older, my reaction would have been a little different. I would have cheered that Obama wasn't present.

  3. Trestin:
    I've been hearing different opinions on this video. Some think they should have been more respectful of the Office of the Presidency. Others think they were just reacting to Obama not showing up for the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts.
    I don't think these kids were booing Obama because of his policies.
    I think the boys were ticked off and felt snubbed, that Obama chose "The View" over them and they reacted with "boos".
    It was a big deal for them and for the POTUS to bow out of the invitation to their jubilee to be on a gossip show, I think that was being disrespectful to the Boy Scouts.

  4. These kids are a chip off the ol' block. The future can't be as bleak as Glenn Beck paints it, with these guys in charge a few decades from now.

  5. I would probably boo too if someone chose to spend time with Joy Behar instead of me.

  6. Fredd:
    Great bunch of kids and I can't blame them for responding the way they did. These boys are fortunate to be involved in a terrific organization like the Boy Scouts. Special place in our hearts for the Boy Scouts, our son was a Scout and my hubby was an Eagle Scout.


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