Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marco Rubio Campaign Announces "Spread The Word" Program

It's no secret that I'm a Marco Rubio fan.  Marco is running for U.S. Senate in Florida and one of his opponents will be Governor Charlie Crist (former RINO, now an IO - Independent Opportunist).  Need I say more?

The Marco Rubio campaign has begun a program called  Spread The Word.
Here's the deal. As we release new videos, interviews and articles, we'll forward those directly to you. Then, you can easily forward and share these with your networks.  You'll be the first to receive all new campaign updates and then use the Spread The Word program to help boost support for a real leader like Marco. We need you!
If you would like to join the team and volunteer in this capacity from the comfort of your computer, sign up here! 
I've decided to join since I have the TCL Blog and the Facebook platforms to "spread the word" (and it's nothing like Nancy Pelosi's "the word").  I'm a big supporter of Ten Buck Fridays, which supports candidates from all around the country.  Since Marco Rubio is running in my state, the Spread The Word program is a perfect way for me to support him.

If there are any of my fellow Florida residents still planning to vote for Charlie Crist or who are not familiar with Marco Rubio and his stance on the issues, please do your homework.  It's time to say "Sorry, Charlie"!  (Sorry, Readers.  I had to fit that in somewhere.)

Charlie Crist will be an absolute disaster as a US Senator because he is an opportunist who will say and do anything for a vote.  He switched his party affiliation from Republican to Independent because he knew he could not win the GOP primary vote against Rubio.  Now he has "fundamentally transformed" into a liberal/progressive Independent Opportunist, flip-flopping  all over the place just to gain Democrat votes.  He's sold his soul to Barack Obama and a vote for Charlie Crist will be a vote for the Obama Progressive Agenda.  He's even getting help from the Obama Regime.  Crist's votes in the Senate will affect everyone across the country, so it is imperative to make sure he is not elected in November.  You all know RINOs Olympia Snow and Susan Collins (and formerly Arlen Specter, but now Scott Brown) who seem to be the "usual suspects" that push the Obama Bills over the edge when there is a close vote.  Charlie will just be another "usual suspect".

Remember that hug?  I was watching that day when Crist endorsed Obama's stimulus plan at a town hall meeting at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, FL.  That was the day I realized I would never vote for Charlie Crist again...yes I voted for him in the last FL governor's race.

Charlie is leading the polls ever since he jumped the GOP ship and turned into an Independent Opportunist.  One reason is that he's been getting a lot of press because of the oil spill.  Another can be attributed to Florida Democrats not really knowing much about the Democrat candidates (Kendrick Meeks and Jeff Greene).  When asked in a poll, the Dems are voting for Crist, the well known flip-flopper name. says:
The unknown factor grows even greater when Democrats were asked whether they had a favorable opinion of either Meek or Greene. Sixty-one percent of the Democrats said they did not know enough about Meek to have an opinion, while 55 percent said so about Greene.

Marco Rubio is a good, common sense, constitutional conservative and he' got my vote in November.  I have to admit, I didn't know Rubio had two GOP opponents  in the August 24th primary until I downloaded a copy of the absentee ballot so I could get a preview of what to expect in the mail.  So to be fair, here are the two GOP candidates names and the links to their websites...William Escoffeey III and William Billy Kogut.

I hope even those who will not have the chance to vote for Marco Rubio in November will consider supporting him with a financial donation, if possible. His vote in the Senate will affect every American citizen no matter where you live in this great country. 

This is the first installment of my Spread The Word posts.  It's longer than I expect the following ones to be, but it's a good introduction to Marco Rubio for those who are not familiar with him, especially you Floridians.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch the videos and check out Rubio's website.  I think you'll like what you see.  Maybe you'll like it enough to Spread The Word.

08-06-10 - A Weekly Update
We’re another week closer to the election and have been busy trying to spread Marco’s “Ideas to Reclaim America.” Last week Marco released his “12 Simple Ways To Cut Government Spending.” This week he’s highlighting 5 of those ideas in a new video series. We’ve released 4 of the videos so far. Listen to more of Marco’s plan below.

Banning Earmarks: A Simple Way To Cut Spending

The “Check-Off” Box: A Simple Way To Cut Spending
Automatic Sunset Of Govt. Programs: A Simple Way To Cut Spending
Balanced Budget Amendment: A Simple Way To Cut Spending

Also, don’t miss this article from the Weekly Standard.  The current path of big-government we’re on is clearly not the right one for America. As it becomes more clear to all, even Democrats are supporting Marco’s pro-growth economic positions. See excerpt below.
On Tuesday, Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman called for a temporary extension of the Bush tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of the year. “I’m hesitant to see taxes go up in the middle of a recession,” Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, told reporters at the Capitol. “I think we ought to wait til maybe six months, maybe at least til the end of the next fiscal year” to raise taxes. “I’m afraid if we raise taxes, including on higher income people, it will have a bad effect on our economy,” Liberman added. “If we raise their taxes, they’re going to spend less.” Democratic senators Ben Nelson (Neb.), Evan Bayh (Ind.), and Kent Conrad (N.D.) have all similarly expressed support for extending the tax cuts. Leading Democrats had hoped to use the debate over the Bush tax cuts to their advantage. “We like this argument,” White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told Bloomberg this week. “We stand for middle-class tax cuts; the Republicans are willing to hold that hostage on behalf of the top 2 percent.” But increasingly it’s the Democrats who seem to be divided on the way forward.


  1. I don't know if you are aware of this, but Rubio is on the CREW list of most corrupt politicians. He will need the help, it is not looking that great for him at the moment.

    I would vote for him if I could, and I have sent him some money. Lets hope for the best.

  2. Hey TCL, my wife and I have had Marco stickers on our cars for over a year!! This guy is pretty good. The good news is that Crist said he won't run as anything other than a Republican, so we can rest easy. Oh, wait a minute, two weeks later he became an "independent". Now he's known around Kissimmee as Charlie "Which way's the wind blowing" crist and is just another example of a politician with no integrity or honor. He does have me worried though, becuase he has a lot of Dem backers seeing as their guy is such a milk toast. I'm praying for marco!

  3. JACG:
    Maybe I'm totally in the dark, but I've never heard of CREW. I went to the website and noticed Allan West is on the list, too. So much for CREW's credibility.
    There is still time before the election, and things can change on a dime. Thanks for supporting Rubio.

  4. HTBWS:
    It's good to hear some feedback from Floridians. Being away from FL for the summer puts us at a disadvantage. There is still time for this to turn around.

  5. Here's a link to "Get the Facts" on mis-information Crist has passed on about Rubio:

  6. I happen to love Alan West and his message. Although he's not from my district, I have volunteered to work for him. He gave me the name of a contact person, whom I have contacted, so we'll see how that plays out...

  7. HTBWS:
    I like Allan West, too. A great patriot. I sure hope he wins because we need people like him in DC.


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