Monday, June 7, 2010

A Land Full of Community Organizers - AmeriCorps Expands

Breitbart reports:

Gov't awards $234 million in AmeriCorps expansion
WASHINGTON (AP) - The government took the first step Monday in expanding the AmeriCorps program, awarding grants to nonprofits and other organizations to put 57,000 AmeriCorps members to work in communities around the country.
The grants, totaling $234 million, are the first to be released under a new law aimed at tripling the national service program by 2017. States and territories will also get an additional $129 million for AmeriCorps slots. Officials expect to have a total of 85,000 people enrolled in the program this year. 

Just what we need...a land full of community organizers.

I will refer you to 2 of my previous posts regarding AmeriCorps.

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I wonder if Obama calls it AmeriCorpse?


  1. I covered this when the GIVE (Up your freedom) act. They are going to be Obama's army of useful idiots.

  2. Brilliant! This increased spending should solve our deficit problems.

  3. Matt:
    That's right and it's great that they can get them while their young.

  4. Trestin:
    Money is no object in Obama's world.

  5. Just what we need...a land full of community organizers...exactly girl..maddening!

  6. Angel:
    We don't need them, but we have them now.


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