Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Progressives vs Anarchists...The Democrat Party in Turmoil - Pelosi Gets Heckled at Progressive Conference

It looks like all is not well in Obamaland when it comes to his base supporters. The uber leftist progressives (dare I say "anarchists?), who were instrumental in getting "The One" elected, are now demanding to be repaid for their trouble, and fast. Apparently, the usual "progressive" way of slowly taking over our country little-by-little is beginning to rub the impatient, ultra-leftists the wrong way. Things aren't getting done fast enough and to their liking, so the fight in the Democrat Party (which has been taken over by the Progressives and the Anarchists) begins.

Yahoo.com reports:

Progressives criticize White House, Democrats

WASHINGTON – Progressive activists who helped elect Barack Obama president complained on Monday that the administration and congressional Democrats have been too timid and too willing to compromise.
Even though Obama's major first-term achievement — an overhaul of the nation's health care system — passed without a single Republican vote, progressive leaders who gathered in Washington criticized the president for failing to create a government-run insurance option to compete with private industry.
They faulted Obama for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the slow pace in repealing the ban on gays serving in the military and last year's economic stimulus package, which they described as inadequate at $787 billion. They also criticized his handling of the Gulf oil spill.
 "The White House has been an uncertain trumpet," said Robert Borosage, a co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, a progressive organization. "The administration's reforms were too often too timid from the start and too readily compromised along the way."
Although leaders still spoke with admiration for Obama, it was clear he's not as popular with unions, bloggers and other progressives.
Democrats already face an angry electorate this November. The frustration among the party's liberal base could make the midterm elections even more difficult for Democrats and Obama's own re-election bid.
Although no one seriously suggested a primary challenge to Obama, activists said they would take on congressional incumbents and they cited Arkansas, where the Progressive Congressional Campaign Committee has sent $250,000 to Lt. Gov. Bill Halter's bid against Sen. Blanche Lincoln, which will be decided in a runoff Tuesday.
Activists say they would rather have "good Democrats" — in the words of DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas — than moderates who don't advance a progressive agenda.

There is an Campaign for America's Future conference taking place in Washington, DC right now (June 7-9, 2010).  Here's a glimpse into what's going on:

(Above video) On the first day of the America's Future Now! conference in Washington, activists wrestled with how to respond to the Obama administration's first 17 months, and came to a consensus that rather than depending on President Obama's leadership to move progressive change, it is up to progressive activists to prod and set the stage for progressive action by elected leaders. Here are excerpts of some of the plenary session speeches at the conference and interviews with some of the participants.

But all is not sunshine and roses:

At the America's Future Now convention, Code Pink heckles Nancy Pelosi.
Glenn Beck pointed out the exchange below on his radio show today.  Notice how the Code Pink heckler berates Nancy Pelosi for not coming through with the MONEY after they supported Obama and his administration.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is heckled by Code Pink at an event in Washington, D.C. "We supported Obama, we supported you, now 21 states are begging for money to help us save the community," a woman screamed at Pelosi. "You have made your point," Pelosi said in an attempt to quiet the protesters. An aide informed her that they are "throwing stuff.". Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Glenn Beck has a prediction that, frankly, is playing out in Europe right now.  If the uber-Left (anarchists) don't get what was promised them by the Obama Administration, there will be (my words) "violent hell" to pay.  We've already had a taste of it in Pittsburgh. Greece is a stark reality check as to what can happen when people don't get their way.

Let's sit back and watch the Democrat Party totally destroy itself.  But don't get too cozy, because when we take back the Congress and the White House, we better have a good plan to get this country turned around.  People are fickle and we will not be able to withstand a repeat of November 2008.

And for you anarchists out there who want to show Obama who is boss, here's a sight I found where you can sign up for the Anarchist Summer Camp taking place in Virginia this August.
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  1. The ULTRA left see it all slipping away the closer we get to November.

  2. Well, this is what freedom of speech is all about. The leftists are not shy about saying what they want. I don't think the majority of Americans believes in the same principles. We will have to vote at the polls and elect people who best represent us. They feel the same way. May the wiser "men" win.

  3. Odie:
    That's why they want Obama to step on the gas.

  4. Opie:
    These ultra-leftists were used by Obama to get elected. They were promised a lot and now they want their agenda passed. The majority of Americans are not leftists and do not want this progressive agenda. Nov elections will be very interesting.

  5. This is always what happens when you over promise and under deliver. Happens in every walk of life, to include politics, sales, service, maintenance, administration, you name it.

    Once you start to promise things that you know you can't deliver, there is always hell to pay eventually. And Obama promised to lower the seas, and elevate our status in the world's eyes.

    Obama virtually promised he could walk on water, but everyone sees that he's drowning, even his brain dead base is waking up to this reality. And they haven't gotten theirs, yet, and they are squealing like stuck pigs.

  6. Fredd:
    Promises...Promises. You're right on the money with your comments. It would be nice if people would realize that the promises of politicians are usually empty and skepticism should be used whenever we hear them.

  7. It's going to get worse. Expect a lot of G20 like reactions this summer. If conservatives stay peaceful and dignified we will win over a lot of undecided people.

  8. Trestin:
    The truth is on our side. We can just sit back and watch them implode.

  9. Let's sit back and watch the Democrat Party totally destroy itself. ...amen girl!

  10. Isn't it great? I don't think we'll hear that it's bad to for the extreme wing to pull a party further in that direction. That's only bad when we drag the GOP to the right.

  11. Matt:
    That's probably because the so-called MSM is part of that far-left extreme wing.


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