Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reagan - Obama Debate

H/T My friend Carl.


  1. Ron is so calm and measured when compared to Obamas hectoring style.

    He mentions doctors being forced to become Government employees and being told where they can and can't work. That is exactly what happens within UK National Health Service and being a statist monstosity that has 5 year plans for the training of future specialists there are always shortages or gluts of those specialists which is why we still have to import and export vast numbers every year depending on how badly The Plan got it wrong.

    As a patient I am allocated to a particular multi-doctor surgery where I will usually see the same doctor unless he is on a course (frequent), on holiday (lots) or on a fact-finding mission in some exotic location funded by a drugs company(loads).

  2. Hi banned:
    That's what's so frustrating. We know how bad government run health care can be. We've heard horror stories from the UK and Canada. But the statists in Congress are on their mission no matter what the American people want.
    I pray this thing doesn't get passed, but I'm bracing myself for the worst.


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