Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Special: 9.12 Project - One Year Later

Do you remember what you were doing last year on March 13, 2009?  TCGuy and I were in a pub "surrounded" by like-minded folks in our community watching The Glenn Beck Show - We Surround Them Special.  Here is my post about that event and what it meant to me one year ago today.

Last night Glenn had a special celebrating the one year anniversary of the 9.12 Project.  Can you believe it's been only one year since that show?  So much has happened in our country since that day.  I believe that the most noteworthy thing that has happened as a direct result of that day is that We The People have finally woken up, have taken a stand and are making a difference.

There were guests on Glenn's show from 9.12 Project groups from around the country.  The show a testament to the great work every day American citizens can achieve.  If you didn't see the show, try to make some time to watch the videos below.  Great things are happening out there!

Join the 9.12 Project
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  1. TCL,
    We had a viewing party at our house for last years show... (L) and his wife along with two other couples joined Tammie and me for what was the beginning of the end for these progressives trying to take over our country... What am I doing one year later? Im getting ready to attend our local Cape Coral 9/12 meeting at the North Regional Library at 10:00 this morning... (L) & his wife attended the 9/12 rally in D.C. last September and have reservations to attend again this August 28th at the Lincoln Memorial...

    I'd say a lot has happened in one year and it's just the beginning...

  2. THanks for posting all these great video's, Conservative Lady! I can't believe it's already been one year! I hope things improve when you write about at the two year mark, but I fear they are getting worse.

    Have a fun weekend celebrating, and think Spring.

  3. Born Again American:
    You guys have been busy this past year as have we. Since last year (March 13) we have attended 3 tea parties (Cape Coral/Fort Myers/9.12 DC March). We are going to Glenn Beck's March 27th event in Orlando, FL and we have reservations for the Aug. 28 rally at the Lincoln Memorial. I hope we can make the 9.12 DC March again this year. All this and trying to keep up with a large reading list...along with the blog. H/T to you, (L) and your wives for your patriotism and love of country. You're's just the beginning...

  4. Hi Bunni:
    I was glad the videos were posted on YouTube because the 9.12 Project has resulted in so many positive things this year and should be promoted.
    I know things seem to be getting worse in the government, a direct result of the progressive agenda being pushed by Obama and his ilk. But the people are fighting back. Health care would have been passed already if the people weren't fighting back. If we lose the health care fight, it's not because we haven't done our's because the GOP is in the minority and most Dems who might have voted NO are too weak to resist the arm twisting.
    Hopefully the elections in Nov 2010 will help to start turning the tide. All I can say is PRAY!

  5. TCL,

    It is amazing how far Americans have come in one year. Yes, the citizens have awoken and are speaking up against Obamacare and big govt, holding our politicians accountable, and are taking this country back from these politcians who have hijacked it from us. I really enjoyed attending the 9/12 in Washington and am looking forward to attending the next event. Thanks for posting these videos!

  6. Hi Teresa:
    We have come a long way in a year and still have a long way to go.
    I am noticing that the Glenn Beck videos are starting to be removed from YouTube, so I don't know how long these videos will be available. Don't know exactly what's up.

  7. He DOES make things happen.
    We need all of the Glen Becks and then some!

  8. Hi Carol:
    Very true and thank God for him.


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