Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feel Free To Vent Here - Tell Us What Happened When You Called/Faxed/E-mailed the Dems Today


I've been hearing about how the Democrat phone lines have been busy all day.  The Capitol switchboard was tied up and there was loads of trouble getting through.  I also know that it's difficult getting an e-mail through to a House Member who is not your Representative...your zip code gives you away...I know, I've tried many times.  So my next best chance to get my message to the weasels on Capitol Hell (my spelling) was to send faxes.  Boy was I wrong.

I spent close to 2 hours this afternoon trying to fax a message to Democrat House Reps.  I had 34 people on my list and only 7 faxes went through.  I was targeting the "undecideds" and a few others from the Code Red website.

I got through to:

3 DC office numbers:
Leonard Boswell (IA)
Allen Boyd (FL)
Travis Childers (MS)

And 5 local office numbers:
Mike Arcuri (NY)
John Barrow (GA)
Marion Berry (AR)
Tim Bishop (NY)

As for the other 27...big waste of time.

Most DC fax numbers were busy, but a funny thing was happening with the local fax numbers.  The local fax numbers would ring, the signal would come on to send, but when I pressed "send"...instead of the word "Sending" coming up on my led screen, the word "Receiving" came up.   After a few seconds the connection would cut off.  Does anyone know how that could happen? 

Did anyone call and actually reach a live person?  Who did you talk to?  What did they say?
Did you try and try, but to no avail?
Did anyone else have trouble faxing like I did?

Are you frustrated and need to vent?  Feel free to tell us your stories in the comments section.

I may try again tonight, but right now I am feeling a lot of...


  1. I bet that the Congressman have their phones off the hooks. There was a Tea Party member on Cavuto complaining about that yesterday. How despicable-purposefully ignoring the will of their constituents.

  2. Teresa:
    The funny thing is, I didn't get busy signals on a lot of my fax calls. The phones rang...the faxes wouldn't go through.

  3. I called and faxed and was ignored. My Rep (CA 44th District is a strident opponent of Barack Hussein Obama) and his staff answered my call and were polite. Senators Boxer and Feinstein (D-CA) let the phones ring and didn't respond to my e-mails or my fax.

    However, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who called them today.

  4. Hi LL:
    At least your rep was responsive. I wouldn't expect anything else from Boxer and Feinstein. I sure hope you guys can vote Boxer out. Is Feinstein up for re-election this year?

  5. Just Boxer is up. Not Feinstien.

    I have been out in the day so I have been sending faxes at night through the ciafax dot ning service. Free and no sweat!

  6. They are blaming the traffic on Dittoheads and are convinced that conservatives are all driven by evil men such as Limbaugh and Beck. Personally, I don't listen to either and get sick and tired of getting classified by liberals as a mindless follower.

  7. Opie:
    Thanks for the info on Feinstein. Too bad she's not up for re-election also.
    I had more luck between 6-8 PM with the faxes.

  8. Hi Euripedes:
    I've heard them giving Rush the credit for all of the phone calls, and I'm sure he has had some influence with his listeners. I think for the most part people are taking action on their own. People in this country are scared to death and mad as hell about what the Obama administration is doing to our country.
    I listen to both Rush and Glenn. They are not the reason I tried to contact the Dems today.
    I think it's ridiculous when they claim that people who listen to Rush and Glenn are "mind-numbed robots". People who listen to them know and understand more about what is going on in our country than those relying on MSNBC and the like.

  9. CL: So true about thinking, since conservatism is based on foundational individualism. It's hard to consider how we get identified as mindless followers.

    At any rate, Arizona has one Dem "undecided", Harry Mitchell, whose office was terribly difficult to get to today.

  10. Euripedes:
    Mitchell (AZ) is one I could not reach either. Others I could not reach were Pomeroy (ND), Rahall (WV), Teague (NM) and Titus (NV).
    I got through to 18 others after I wrote the post btwn 6-8 PM.

  11. I think they're deluged.
    we have to fight..and HARD :-)

  12. Z:
    Welcome to TCL Blog. Thanks for checking it out and for the follow.
    I have managed to get through to all but 2 of the Reps on my list.
    I don't have fax numbers for John Boccieri-OH or Nick Rahall-WV

  13. Z:
    I forgot. There's one other I haven't been able to reach: Teague (NM)

  14. I got through to the local number and left a msg, just got ansering service. then wrote email, telling him that I represent 80% of my community and we are all against the bill. If he votes yes, he will be held accountable, and I will do everything in my power to help get him unseated in Nov. Haven't heard a word back.

  15. Hi Rotti:
    I hope whoever you were trying to contact decides to vote NO. I'm getting more frustrated with every news report I hear.
    We cannot give up.

  16. If you think it has been frustrating on the phone, try it in person!!

    I was there on Tuesday and Wednesday. Went to Obama pep rally today with the hopes of asking a questions, but it was just a rah rah thing. I sat through that dribble for no reason.

    Then earlier I was called troll because I used the progressive instead of liberal or nazi. You have read my blog, do I name call? I don't think that I do.

    sorry - you said I could vent, I guess I took it too seriously.

    I am in need of break of this for a day or two.

    Happy Spring!!!

  17. JACG:
    If anyone needs to vent, it's you. I don't know how you sat through that Obama rally thing yesterday. I would have been pulling my hair and running out of the door screaming.
    No, you do not name call. As for the person who called you a troll...consider the source.
    I wish you a "Happy Spring" too. And you're welcome to come back and rant anytime. I've been doing it all week to whoever will listen.


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