Saturday, March 20, 2010

ACORN Funding Restored

At the risk of adding more dismay to this "weekend of hell", I just came across this little tidbit.  I've been so focused on the health care travesty taking place right now in DC, I  missed the news that funding to the corrupt ACORN organization is being restored.  On March 16, Office of Management & Budget Director Peter Orzag ordered federal agencies to resume funding.

Why am I not surprised?  Obama owes them big time.

While An Anxious Nation Is Transfixed By The Healthcare Debate, The Obama Administration Restores ACORN Funding
by Matthew Vadum
While America is distracted by Democrats’ attempts to unconstitutionally ram government-run healthcare down the throats of the American people, the Obama administration began preparing to resume funding to President Obama’s favorite community organizing group.


  1. Of course. OF COURSE! I HATE this administration and everything they stand for.

  2. Janie Lynn:
    Another day...another reason to hate this administration.

  3. Well, it was only a matter of time. Additionally, with all the local ACORN chapters re-naming themselves, they'll be harder to track.

  4. As Glenn always says, "watch what the other hand is doing"... It's when you can see both hands and still feel violated that you must worry "just what is being used to screw you this time"...

  5. Matt:
    Hopefully, with news media like Breitbart, ACORN's new identities will be tracked and exposed.

  6. Born Again American:
    Ha, that's a good one. I feel very "violated" right now.

  7. Trestin:
    After tonight, I'm wondering myself.


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