Monday, February 22, 2010

Video Added: An ACORN By Any Other Name Is Still An ACORN

UPDATE: Video added.

An ACORN Lawyer by any other name...

Funding for ACORN is not guaranteed anymore because of the exposure of it's corruption thanks to Jim O'Keefe and Hannah Giles.  Now it's time for a "change" (as Prez Bo would say).  Apparently ACORN has been changing it's moniker on it's chapters and offices throughout the country in an effort to continue tax and grant money flowing into it's pockets.

With Democrats in control of Congress, there's a chance this trick might work.


ACORN Crime Family Shutting Down Nationwide:   Launching Renaming Effort
ACORN is attempting to perpetrate yet another spectacular fraud on the American people in order to keep tax dollars and foundation grants flowing into its coffers.
With the fallout from the hidden camera videos last fall, congressional funding of ACORN’s election fraud and racketeering business is no longer guaranteed, so ACORN is trying to pass off various state chapters as ”new” groups.

Statement From Rep. King on ACORN Collapse
Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, made the following statement in response to news reports that ACORN is dissolving its national structure.
“This is not surprising news. ACORN must change its name in order to try and run ahead of the accountability that is catching up with this corrupt organization.
“Even though the one party controlled federal government is using its resources to protect ACORN, entrepreneurial new media investigators and state attorneys general are tightening the noose. Dissolving its national brand does not change ACORN’s faces nor ACORN’s crimes. This organization specializes in subterfuge, but ACORN cannot outrun the wheels of justice that are catching up with this corrupt criminal enterprise.”


  1. We must follow them in their attempts to hide themselves. Lest they muck up the upcoming elections.

  2. At least this time ACORN (or whatever the heck they call themselves now) have been exposed and this will result in more scrutiny of their organization from now on. We can only HOPE.


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