Friday, January 8, 2010

The Barack Obama Musical...HOPE...Really

It was just a matter of time before Prez BO would be immortalized in a comedy musical story called, "HOPE".  Looks like Germany will get the honor of premiering the show.  This is not a joke.

Via: Black and Right


Life in the White House may be no Cabaret, but a musical documenting Barack Obama's road to the Presidency is set to premiere in Germany later this month, and will feature the 2008 campaign players as they sing and dance their way to November. The show, titled Hope: The Obama musical Story, documents Obama's journey to the White House during the 2008 campaign. Actor Jimmie Wilson plays Barack Obama, and Della Miles plays Michelle Obama.

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  1. I did not really like Bush, but that makes me miss him. I hate show tunes

  2. Trestin:
    Well one thing is for sure, if they did a musical about President Bush it would have been a country western musical.


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