Friday, January 8, 2010

MS-NBC...How Low Can You Go?

This just goes to show you how far boot-licking, far left, smear speading, lying MS-NBC will go to cover up for their "messiah".   Disgraceful.

Just to "float" such an idea that our intelligence agencies would purposefully put an airliner full of people in danger of being blown up in mid-air just to make Obama "look bad" is unimaginable. At least in the past it was unimaginable...with MS-NBC and the Obamanation Administration, it's expected and business as usual.  Now that this plan didn't work, they are backtracking.

Right-wing conspiracy theories and blaming President Bush and the previous administration for all of our present problems is a bad habit with these guys, and it's a very hard sell now that Obama has been in office for a year.  Obama said the "buck stops with him"...yep, he owns it now and everything he does will prove how serious he is about our national security.  If transferring terrorists from GITMO to Illinois and trying KSM and other terrorists in New York City is a show of his seriousness in protecting us, then his actions speak louder than his words...he's not serious or he's incompetent.  Or could there be ulterior motives?

Via: American Thinker
January 08, 2010

MS-NBC: Intelligence Failure a 'Conspiracy' against Obama? 

By William Tate

One thing you've got to say for MS-NBC: They stand by their man. But even Tammy Wynette would cringe at the senseless devotion to Barack Obama they displayed this week.
To call it puppy-dog-like would be an insult to canines.

Just days after seven CIA officers and operatives lost their lives in defense of this country, MS-NBC conspired with unnamed senior White House sources to slander the victims and the rest of the intelligence community, just to try to defend Obama's incompetence on intelligence.

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  1. Olbermann shows what a joke he is as he doesn't even laugh Wolfee out of the room for suggesting the CIA and FBI set Obama up.

  2. Keith Olber-moron and Rachel Maddow are both jokes and it figures MS-NBC would keep them on as the entire network is a joke...a very bad one.

  3. I posted on this a few days ago, and left leaning commenter wanted a source for my post. What he doesn't believe that Olbermann wouldn't say something like this? They truly don't understand the climate that we are now living in. I just heard today, that the level of home grown terrorist has risen 600% this year. A stunning number.

  4. JACG:
    Your left-leaning commenter can watch the video if proof is needed.
    I just heard on Neil Cavuto's show a few seconds ago, that fighter jets had to be deployed after an AirTran flight had a disturbance with a passenger. I don't know what happened yet, but this type of problem is happening almost every day now. That 600% statistic is mind boggling.

  5. Just found out the guy on AirTran was drunk. Unfortunately, terror is always the first thing that pops into my (our) minds when we hear about something like this. Obviously, for NORAD to send fighter jets out, it's the first thing they think about too.

  6. We must remember that this is the same network at which one of the hosts (Matthews) stated he believes it is his duty as an American to help this presidency succeed, and another (Olbermann) accused John McCain of "Wrapping himself in the flag" because the RNC showed a video of his time in the Hanoi Hilton during the convention.

    Nothing's shocking.

  7. The Uberman strikes again. He also thinks the sky is red and and that his ratings are higher than any of the Fox shows.

  8. Sol:
    Not to mention that GE owns MSNBC and Obama owns GE.

  9. Trestin:
    Olber-moron is a obnoxious jerk to boot.

  10. Read an article at today entitled "revealed... Full Story
    Independent News Media says US complicit in Flight 253 terror plot"


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