Saturday, July 9, 2011

Democrat Talking Heads

Graphic by jamesy4ever

Earlier this evening I was watching Kirsten Powers trying to make the president's case over some issue (that I can't remember right now) and I said to TCGuy, "How would you like to be one of those talking heads who get paid for trying to rationalize Obama's policies?" Seems like it's getting to be a harder job all of the time.

Then this video pops up on Breitbart:

Of course, there's the crackpot commie, Van Jones, who has no trouble at all backing his buddy, BHO.  (Is it me, or is he popping up more and more ever since Glenn Beck ended his FNC show?)

Oh, I know MSNBC has plenty of leftist loud mouths talk show hosts who have no trouble supporting BHO and his policies. I think it's great that they continue to practice their new civility towards conservatives, too.

Personally, I think FNC's cadre of leftist pundits (Alan Colmes, Kirsten Powers, Bob Beckel, and Juan Williams - to name a few), are still doing a decent job of backing Obama.  I say that because whenever they're on Fox News, I still find myself wanting to throw something through the TV.