Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Budapest & Prague Honor and Thank President Ronald Reagan

Those who have lived under communism know who the "real" heroes are.

Reagan Statue Unveiled in Budapest and Street Named for Him in Prague

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The ceremonies honoring President Reagan ended yesterday, July 4.

Here are a few excerpts from a June 27, 2011 report by USAToday:
This week, Németh, Hungary's deputy foreign minister, will join celebrations in Budapest and other Eastern European capitals observing Reagan's 100th birthday and his role in bringing down the Iron Curtain.
Németh says Reagan is admired across Eastern Europe because he told the truth about the oppression of communism and stood up to the Soviet Union despite its nuclear arsenal, hastening its demise. Inspired by Reagan, Németh in 1988 helped found FIDESZ, the Alliance of Young Democrats, now the country's ruling party.
"This opposition was fueled by the fact that in the West, there was truth, political leaders who don't compromise and turn upside down what was true," Németh said in an interview. "Reagan was that type of politician."

Can't say that with a straight face about America's present day leaders.

Here is the schedule of events that took place in President Reagan's honor:
  • On Tuesday in Budapest, Hungary, a special session of the parliament will honor Reagan.
  • On Wednesday in Budapest, a life-size statue of Reagan will be unveiled on Freedom Square in front of the U.S. Embassy. The statue will stand facing one erected by the former Soviet Union to commemorate its defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, which began the Soviet domination of Hungary. The unveiling also marks the day the last Russian troops left Hungary 20 years ago.
  • On Thursday, Prague will rename the street in front of the U.S. ambassador's residence the Czech equivalent of Ronald Reagan Street. Condoleezza Rice will make a speech representing former first lady Nancy Reagan, says Rob Bauer of the Reagan Foundation.
  • The events will wrap up on July 4 in London, where a statue of Reagan will be unveiled on Grosvenor Square, where the U.S. Embassy is located.
To be fair, we must not forget that a statue honoring President Obama was also erected overseas.
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