Friday, May 27, 2011

Marco Rubio & Paul Ryan on Saving Medicare

Effective communication is the secret. It's something the GOP better get going on if they hope to win the battle over lies being told by Obama, the Democrats and the state-controlled media.

Senator Marco Rubio penned an op-ed in Thursday's Miami Herald called "Why We Must Save Medicare." In this video, Senator Rubio details that op-ed further and elaborates on his goals for the program.
Senator Rubio's message in this video is what all Republicans need to communicate in order to get the message out about Medicare and how, if something isn't done, it will go bankrupt very soon.  The Democrats aren't telling the truth about it and are banking on gaining votes by lying to senior citizens.  Their misleading commercial about Paul Ryan throwing granny over the cliff, is a classic example of the scare tactics they are accustomed to using in order to reach their goals.  The Dems conveniently leave out the part that any change in Medicare will not affect people on Medicare now...only those who are younger than 55.  But the truth doesn't serve their purpose.

Here's Rep. Paul Ryan talking about his plan to Brett Baier on Fox News today...setting the story straight.

Paul Ryan sits down with Bret Baier to defend the GOP budget and he compares it to the president's plan. He gets into some specifics and responds to Harry Reid's claim that "the plan makes the rich richer and sick sicker." 

The Republicans in Congress and all of the Republican Presidential Candidates must know the facts and communicate them effectively.  And not only on Medicare, but on Conservatism in general.  They cannot let Obama, the Democrats/Liberals and the media misrepresent the truth and get away with it.

We bloggers can also do our part to spread the truth.  Every voice counts.
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