Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Al Jazeera Targets American Kids

Al Jazeera's Childen's Network
According to The Blaze:

Al Jazeera, the controversial Arab news network often criticized for its unfriendly-to-America bent, is trying to figure out a way to get on American cable television. So what idea did it come up with? Use the kids. Yes, Al Jazeera has just announced plans for an English-language network for children — in North America.
According to the magazine Fast Company, the project is supposed to be completed by the end of 2012.  And while the new channel will feature some original programming, content will also “be a mix of syndicated shows from other sources and original programming, dubbed into English, from the already existing Arabic-language Al Jazeera Children’s Channel.
Photo from "Saladin" Cartoon
Click this link to see a video sample of their programming and to Read More...
Isn't Al Jazeera one of Hillary Clinton's favorite news channels?

We already know the cartoon show about Muslim Superheroes called "The 99" will be aired here in America on the Hub Network.  Now Al Zazeera wants to get their foot in the door by targeting American children with a children's network.  Why is it always the kids?  Because they know, just like Van Jones, that the kids are naive and can be brainwashed.

What do you think about this?


  1. I find Al Jazeeras news channel to be way better informed and up to date than the BBC, I detect little anti-Americanism.
    As a healthy democracy the USA should have nothing to fear from a TV station that promotes such figures as Saladin (a Kurd btw, not an Arab) to your youngsters in much the same positive light that we portray Robin Hood or Richard The Lionheart.

    We spit and moan about regimes such as Iran and China that block our msm broadcasters, what is different when the USA blocks Al Jazeera?

  2. When I was a kid many of the cartoons like He-Man had a moral at the end. amazing how far we have fallen in 25 years.

  3. It's OK, the only kids that will watch are the kids of liberals. It doesn't matter because they're fed that crap anyway. Our kids won't even know it's there.

  4. UGH..we are just asking to be annihilated CL! Have a great rest of the day my friend~!:)

  5. banned:
    I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this one.
    America does not need Al Jazeera giving our kids history lessons on the Crusades. We don't need them giving our kids an introduction into Sharia Law. Did you watch the "Saladin" cartoon and hear the cartoon character tell the little girl that he would have to cut her hand off because she stole the bread? The last thing we need in America is Islamic propaganda. We get enough of it from our own state-controlled media.
    We American infidels do not want America to have the multiculturalism problems of France, Germany and the UK. Some of us are realizing that the goal of Islam is to become the only religion of the world. No thanks.
    As for the Al Jazeera being better than the BBC, I believe you if you say so. I very rarely see reports from either network. I'm sticking with Fox News.

  6. Trestin:
    I'm sure Al Jazeera will be allowed to bring their childrens programming to America. It's the PC thing to do and I'm sure money will talk in the long run. Parents will have to make the decision on whether or not they allow their children to watch. I just think it's prudent not to open the door to this because, once it's open, it's too late.

  7. Angel:
    So, what else is new?
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. TCL " the "Saladin" cartoon and hear the cartoon character tell the little girl that he would have to cut her hand off because she stole the bread?"

    Precisely, give 'em enough rope and rely on your well educated youth to draw their own conclusions.

    One of our problems with multiculturalism is that it stifles honest debate. Surrendering the moral high ground by censoring your opponent will not help in the long run.

  9. This is absurd! They'll do the same thing that the new Disney movies do: instead of having subtle hints of leftist ideology influence kids like Disney does Al-Jazeera will do the same with Islam and promote anti-American hints on their new TV channel.

  10. Indoctrination is one of the key first pieces of any totalitarian system.

  11. banned:
    Oh banned, no worry that America will "censor" Al Jazeera...that would not be PC.
    Check out Teresa's comment. She makes a really good point. I believe it is propaganda. It is hinted to subtly and children are impressionable.
    Instead of showing cartoons like "Salamin" and the Crusades to American kids, we should be showing them cartoons with lessons about American history and the founding of our country. The Progressives have manipulated the text books of our schools to reflect their beliefs about America. That's why many of our "well educated" kids think socialism is OK. The last thing we need is cartoon lessons on Islam and Sharia Law that make it seem OK. We are hearing reports of homegrown American Islamic terrorists in the news more and more. Many American prisonors are converting to Islam while in prison. Al Jazeera cartoons will only making it easier for this kind of thing to worm it's way into our society.

  12. Teresa:
    You make an excellent point. I referred banned to it in my response to him.

  13. Matt:
    I am more and more convinced that we are our own worse enemy.

  14. Banned, who said anything about blocking Al Jazeera? This post just raised concerns about the network targeting children. Raising concerns is allowed under the right of free speech.

    And why shouldn't we in the West be concerned about an anti-Western military leader like Saladin being portrayed positively to our kids? Shouldn't our kids grow up seeing the defenders of the West, their civilization, as the good guys that they were?

    And the Crusaders were DEFENDERS of the West! The Crusades were a belated defensive action against CENTURIES of Islamic aggression and imperialism against Christendom. Do you think Al Jazeera will show that in any of its children's programming? NO!!!!


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