Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video: Decline and Fall of the American Media

This is a great video contrasting the American Mainstream Media reporting on two different rallies in DC.  True and unbiased journalism is dead and what remains is the lap dog of the Left.
If it weren't for the Fox News Channel and the alternate conservative media on radio, on the internet and in print, we would never hear the other side of the lies and propaganda spewed forth by the American Mainstream Media.   
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Time was when American media wore their biases on their sleeves. The history of media ethics shows this system of honesty in media bias, so common in the nineteenth century, giving way to the doctrine of "objectivity" early in the twentieth century. Media historians chart the zenith of objectivity's prominence occurring around the 1950's. However, over the last fifty years objectivity has succumbed to a state of confusion.

The huge American media conglomerates have not admitted this seismic cultural shift towards accepting the reality of media bias (although understood as a fact by most of their consumers). They still march under the false advertising of "objectivity" and "neutrality". Wouldn't it be better for our nation if newspapers, not to mention other forms of media, simply displayed openly their prejudices and points of view? Imagine: "The New York Democrat Times", "The Los Angeles Liberal Times", "The Washington Post and Democrat", "Boston Liberal Democrat Globe".

As Charles Griffin Ross turns in his grave, and the American Mainstream Media harbors a warm spot for yellow journalism, It is time to pull the mask of "objectivity" off the malignant cultural tumors we call "journalists".

'Video excerpts of the anti-war rally are from across the web, and are used for commentary under the "fair use" statute.'


  1. I am a conservative,and I can say Fox is just as bad if not worse,and what they dont' tell you on Fox is a shame....Fox news on behalf of all American media spent millions in 2003 in a Florida court to win the right to legally LIE TO was all over the Monsanto bovine growth hormone in milk that is to say the least very,very bad for you....Plus a myriad of other issues Fox distorts,distracts,and keep from you...

    Like the North American Union,formed right under your nose. Judicial Watch has the documents. George W. in 2006 basically sold us out. It calls for no borders,our military and economy to merge w/ Mexico ,and Canada... they are at under "spp'

    Security and Prosperity Partnership...

  2. I think Fox has some good people like Glenn
    Beck and John Stossel. But, since the Saudi bought into Fox, I have seen them go downhill, particularly about issues relating to Islam.

  3. Anonymous:
    I don't doubt that Fox has not reported fully on issues and I plead guilty to not knowing anything about Monsanto bovine growth hormone in milk. I still think Fox News Channel is the most reputable network on cable (or anywhere else).
    Judicial Watch is a good source for information and I'll have to do some checking over there to find out more about what you commented on.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Trestin:
    How about Sean Hannity? He's pretty outspoken about EVERYTHING.

  5. I am sure that Fox news has either not reported on some issues or/and they didn't report on some stories as fully as they could have but they sure are the most fair, truthful and much more objective, especially during their daytime shows, then any of the other networks.

    I like Glenn Beck, Hannity, and Megyn Kelly.

  6. Teresa:
    I agree. Fox is the best we have as far as television news coverage.

  7. I am grateful for Fox. Most of the time I see that bloggers are two days ahead of them because we "scour the bowels of the internet," as Weazel Zippers says:-)

    But on most issues they are reporting. I also do not know anything about the bovine growth hormone.

    Like Trestin, I have seen times when the rhetoric has been ratcheted down because of the Saudi influence. It is only 7% but I've noticed a few things. It kills me that Murdoch is working for amnesty, but at least he doesn't muzzle his talkers.

    TCL - that is a stunning video. Thank you.

  8. Maggie:
    I've noticed that the bloggers have stories before Fox does, too. Just this morning they mentioned a story about problems the troops might have with their absentee ballots. I saw that days ago...even sent a link to Trestin. Unfortunately, I didn't post about it.

    Last night Bill Hemmer did a documentary on "honor killings" by a muslim father and how this is happening now in America.

    I guess it's up to the host of the Fox show whether or not they report on Islam issues...or how they report on it.

  9. TCL, I did that post on the ballots. It's one of the most outrageous things coming out of this administration, along with Kagan.

    I have tweeted it several times...tried to give it legs, but not much is happening. I'm glad Fox is talking about it. I missed that report.

  10. Maggie:
    The Regime probably thinks the military will vote against them in the elections.


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