Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is The Electorate More Informed Than It's Leaders?

This is a classic case of the electorate being more educated about current events than their elected officials.  It's also a great example of why we need to make informed decisions when we step into the ballot box.

A town hall meeting erupts when 
Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) District 27 claims to be unfamiliar with the New Black Panther Party case being dismissed by the Department of Justice.

Watch the video at Breitbart.com

Do you think this guy is pretending to be unaware - or - do you think he really doesn't know this information?


  1. To your final question: I'm not sure it really matters. Either he's an uninformed dolt, or he's a liar. What's worse?

  2. Fuzzy Slippers:
    It doesn't really matter. I only hope the people in his district take his response to this question into account the next time he runs for office.

  3. As is with the vast majority of politicians, the easiest way to tell if they're lying is to see if their lips are moving...

  4. I loved the audience response to their "representative."

  5. Maggie:
    Wasn't that great? I've been hearing on the news today that Rep. Sherman is not very happy that FNC has been showing the world how uninformed he is. I also heard he is sending a letter to Obama about the Justice Department. He must feel like such a fool.


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