Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coakley's Husband's Union Endorses Brown - Ouch!

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Ouch!  This has got to hurt!


Coakley Senate Candidate Husband's Union Endorses Scott Brown
Cambridge, MA- Martha Coakley's latest setback in the Senate Special Election comes from her husbands union. The Cambridge Police Patrol Officers have voted overwhelmingly to back Senate Candidate Scott Brown.
Coakley's husband's union, a retired Cambridge Police Officer, has provided their endorsement to Scott Brown.



  1. LCR:
    I agree. Things aren't looking too peachy for Coakley.

  2. Hey Lady,

    As the worm turns!

    Croakley, hopefully, will be headed to a padded political casket. The obama one should have popped the cork of Dom Perignon instead of the pull tab of a Bud Lite after he put his foot in the middle of law enforcement's voice.

    Yah gotta love a good memory.


  3. This is sweet! This is definitely a smack in the face to Coakley.

  4. jadedfellow:
    It's a real coincidence that it's the same police force that Obama bad mouthed when his friend, Prof. Gates, broke into his own house. I wonder if Obama thinks the police are "acting stupidly" for endorsing Brown...yeah!!! Sweet, poetic justice.

  5. Dearest Tongue in Cheek Lady,

    Irony is the blind justice that keeps us laughing at politicians.


  6. jadedfellow:
    It is ironic. Tuesday is going to be very interesting!

  7. ALIGC:
    A very deep mark and one, I hope, will end the Congress's fast track of the Obama agenda.


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