Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 Down, 58 To Go


Sen. Dodd to announce retirement

News comes shortly after Sen. Dorgan says he will not seek re-election

WASHINGTON - Five-term Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd will announce Wednesday that he is retiring ahead of his re-election this November, sources told NBC News policital director Chuck Todd.
The embattled Connecticut senator and Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has scheduled a press conference at his home Wednesday, the Washington Post reported Tuesday night.
Dodd is facing troubling poll numbers and his popularity has dropped since his 2008 failed run for president.

Word of his retirement comes hours after North Dakota Democrat Byron Dorgan announced he would not seek re-election, giving Republicans a good shot at picking up the seat, especially if GOP Gov. John Hoeven decides to run.

Dorgan, a moderate who was first elected to the Senate in 1992 after serving a dozen years in the House, said he reached the decision after discussing his future with family over the holidays. Dorgan, 67, said he "began to wrestle with the question of whether making a commitment to serve in the Senate seven more years was the right thing to do."
"Although I still have a passion for public service and enjoy my work in the Senate, I have other interests and I have other things I would like to pursue outside of public life," he said in a statement.
Democrats were confident heading into the new year that Dorgan would run for re-election even as rumors intensified that Hoeven would challenge him in November.


  1. How did I miss Dodd? I guess I was just too giddy over Dorgan...

  2. Good Riddence! I wish they ALL would quit.
    Happy Wed., CL I hope all is well with's cold out here, and I'm exhausted...another slog into the hell hole, oh well. I wish I could quit, but I need to win the lotto lst. These bums have already won the lotto, stealing all OUR money! Dodd is a dolt and needs to get lost.

  3. Lets hope this encouraging trend continues...

  4. Born Again:
    I didn't see it until around 1:45AM this morning. You, like other normal people, were probably into your third dream by then.

  5. Hi Bunni:
    Yes, I wish they would all quit and make it before they vote for all of Obama's social programs. That's the problem, these guys are going to vote for everything Congress puts out there before they leave. They have nothing to lose now.

  6. LSP:
    Me too. Ditto my comment to Bunni (above). They will wreak their havoc before leaving.

  7. Hey TCL,

    Let the dominos fall with great effect.

    Now we need to blow down the House of Cards with our collective voice.


  8. jadedfellow:
    Let's huff, and puff and blow their House and Senate down.
    Dodd and Dorgan both have bad polling numbers, so I think they are being forced to retire with the hope that another Dem will be voted in their place. Let's hope the citizens of their states have enough sense to stop that from happening.

  9. Wonder what kind of sweet jobs the lobbying firms have lined up for them?

  10. Trestin:
    They will probably head over to John Pedesta's "Center for American Progress". I think that's where Van Jones landed.


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