Saturday, January 17, 2015

UPDATE 1/26/15 - Video Updates: White House Controlling Sgt. Bergdahl Situation?

My first post about Sgt. Bowe R. Bergdahl was dated July 19, 2009.  I followed up with a few more posts.  Until the June 2, 2014 update on my last Bergdahl post, I had no idea that Sgt. Bergdahl most probably had deserted.

The O'Reilly Factor had an update on Bowe Bergdahl last night (January 16).  I can't find the video, but below is an excerpt from the website:
Factor Followup
Bowe Bergdahl Update
It's been six months since President Obama exchanged five terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Military analysts Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer and Col. David Hunt reported on the Army's long-awaited report on the Bergdahl situation. "This is not a Pentagon or Army issue at this point," Shaffer lamented. "I have talked to sources who say the decision is now being controlled by the White House, and there is pressure to go easy on Bergdahl because President Obama embraced the family when he returned. It's all political at this point." Hunt objected to the apparent politicization of the case. "This is an injustice to the American people and to the soldiers. There is a discipline and leadership issue at the core of Bergdahl's desertion and the guys who died trying to find him." The Factor vowed to vigorously pursue the story: "We will call General Martin Dempsey and ask him to come on or issue a statement. If he doesn't do that, then I'm going to lay this right at his doorstep. We'll have that report on Monday."
I'm not surprised that the White House has taken over the decisions about Sgt. Bergdahl.  So many questions are unanswered, one being why Mr. Obama released 5 GITMO prisoners in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl.   Just a few days ago, we learned that Mr. Obama has released 5 more GITMO prisoners.  Guess "5" is the lucky number for Islamic terrorists these days.  I'm sure this is all in preparation for his keeping the promise to close the prison.

I continue to follow this story because of how sorry I felt for Sgt. Bergdahl at the time of his "capture" and how disheartened I feel that he most probably is a deserter.

It will be interesting if Bill O'Reilly actually gets a response from General Dempsey over the weekend and what O'Reilly's report will include on Monday's show.

UPDATE 1/26/15:  Video from The O'Reilly Factor (January 16, 2015)

UPDATE 1/26/15:  Video from The O'Reilly Factor (January 26, 2015)


  1. Don't get your hopes up on the Bergdahl story, we may never get to the bottom of it under this administration. When these guys decide to pidgeon hole, something, it STAYS pidgeon holed. Perhaps under the next Romney administration, the story will emerge.

    And you think I am exxagerating things? When Obama sealed his college transcripts, they STAYED sealed. I had heard that he was admitted as a foreign student, and he couldn't have that kind of stuff floating around. \\\

    1. Fredd, you are probably correct when you say we may never find out about the Bergdahl story or the findings of the report, at least not during Mr. Obama's reign. Much of the problem with his past "secrets" lie in the fact that the "so-called" journalists in this country do not do their job. They have been covering for him from the start.
      As for the Romney Administration...hmmmmm...I'll withhold comment for now. He hasn't announced yet and I'm not sure three times running will be the charm.

    2. President Romney: just throwing darts, there, Lady. Just pick any of the 21 names I've heard with an (R) behind them, and they would be a vast improvement over who's in the Oval Office currently. Even Jeb Bush (my very LAST Republican I would vote for in the primary). But if he's the last guy standing, I will vote for him. Yes, while holding my nose.

    3. I agree, anybody would be doing a better job. I'm not too keen on Jeb either. It's going to be an interesting GOP race!


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