Thursday, May 1, 2014

ZERO FOOTPRINT - Benghazi Operation Yet to be Reported in the MSM, including FNC

If you are not a subscriber to The Blaze TV, you may not have seen the entire April 30, 2014 episode of For the Record, a show hosted by Laurie Dhue.  The report exposes more information than we've been seeing in the MSM or even Fox News Network (FNC).  For example, Zero Footprint (you'll see what I'm talking about soon).

I've tried to gathered as many links as possible to share with you..  Then, just before publishing my blog post, an enterprising gentleman posted the entire episode on YouTube (approx 29 mins).  I've added the entire video to this post, but kept the clips up in case the video becomes unavailable for one reason or another.

For the Record has done an extensive investigation into Benghazi and the operation called, Zero Footprint.  What's Zero Footprint?  Good question.  It has to do with covering up any proof that the Obama Administration was providing support to the terrorists freedom fighters in Libya.  I haven't even heard  Zero Footprint mentioned anywhere else, including on FNC.  For The Record interviewed people directly involved in the operation and who know first hand about what went on in Benghazi.

This information is definitely something that has to be added to the information being released about Benghazi.  Hopefully, the rest of the media (or at least FNC) will pick up on what For The Record has exposed and include it in their reporting.

We can pass this information along, too, as I'm sure many of our friends and family won't hear about it otherwise.
The truth about Benghazi is coming out
The news today has been dominated by new revelations surrounding the attack on Benghazi. For the past week, TheBlaze has published a series of investigative stories detailing how exactly weapons supplied for Libyan rebels, with tacit support from the US government, ended up in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. Then today, e-mails revealed an effort by the White House to link the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi to the Youtube video and not to a broader failure of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. In his morning, Glenn discussed the latest news on Benghazi, as well as TheBlaze’s investigation as part of For The Record: Zero Footprint.
Click link to see a Video Clip from Glenn Beck Show talking about "Zero Footprint" episode of For the Record 
The entire Zero Footprint episode is below.  I've noticed that sometimes the video starts 11 minutes in.  If that happens, you can drag the video curser (if that's what it's called) back to the beginning to start over.  I have no idea why this happens.

In case you can't watch the entire video, or it gets deleted for some reason, you can go to the bottom of the post to see the clips I was able to scrounge up.

Jason Alvarez


  1. You know that Richard Nixon resigned over virtually nothing, compared to this scandal. Nixon's only crime was lying about what he knew about the break in of Daniel Elsberg's Watergate office AFTER it happened, not before.

    Obama's lies, lie after lie after lie....all the stuff of impeachment in the days now gone by.

    1. Yes, but Mr. Obama is a Democrat Progressive...they are "excused" from controversy or wrong-doing. Only Republicans are required to resign because they are held to a HIGHER standard.

  2. You don't mean to say we're being lied to, do you?

  3. Amazingly most people are blinded by day to day issues & won't listen or see the Big Lie & try to understand the Truth.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Maybe a miracle will happen and Trey Gowdy will be able to expose the truth.


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