Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Marco Rubio Beats Down Tom Harkin and His Cuban Love Story

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) disappointed me when he joined the Gang of 8 with their Senate proposal on immigration.  I couldn't believe my Senator, the guy I supported so vigorously on this blog, could hook up with the likes of Chucky Schumer.  He's backed away from it since, but I'm not sure his change of heart has changed many disappointed hearts who had high hopes for him.

Today I saw this video and felt that pang of pride for Senator Rubio again, the one I felt way back when he first ran for U.S. Senate.

Enjoy his beat down of Democrat Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), who had recently finished a speech on his "wonderful" trip to Cuba.  It's great.

Video via:  NewsAttackNow

More reading:
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  1. Tom Harkin, Michael Moore, Sean Penn and all the other useful idiots of the communist regime in Cuba will continue to wax eloquently about the paradise on earth that is Cuba. And those who listen to and believe Tom Harkin, Michael Moore and Sean Penn will conclude that this country is second rate compared to that paradise.

    What those folk won't do, however, is to defect to Cuba. I wonder why not, if it is indeed the paradise that these leftist useful idiots proclaim it is. Wouldn't any reasonable human being desire paradise over tyranny?

    The average Cuban can answer that: the reality is exactly the opposite of what Tom Harkin, Michael Moore and Sean Penn say it is. Cuba is a God awful hell hole, and virtually every citizen whose neck is under the dictator's boot wants to come here, to the USA.

    1. We have friends from Cuba and they tell the same horrible stories about that country.

  2. The Southern most democrat state, Cuba, is the apple of their communist eye.

    1. How about we build a Noah's Ark, load those commies on board and sail it south to the Cuban paradise?

  3. I still do not trust him after he got on board with those gangsters. Fool me once.


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