Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shroud of Turin on Italian TV...New Shroud App Available Soon

According to CNN, the Shroud of Turin will be making a rare TV appearance on Italian TV this Easter Sunday.  Pope Benedict XVI authorized this as one of his last acts.

The following video is an interview by a CNN reporter with one of the original scientists who dated the shroud to be within the time frame of Jesus Christ's life span.

Barry Schwortz, founder and editor of, tells us how his group believed the shroud was from the time of Jesus's life, but that a later study disagreed.  Mr. Schwortz, who tells us in the video that he is Jewish, was a total skeptic at the beginning of his research.  He now believes that the evidence is authentic and has deep respect for it even though it doesn't represent his beliefs.  He thinks that the fact that the shroud is a mystery, an object of faith and that science hasn't been able to answer the questions about the shroud even after 35 years of study, has made it even more fascinating.

There is also an iPhone & iPad app available called, Shroud 2.0, that will give you close up views of the shroud.  Unfortunately, I can't access it because I don't have either device.  Wonder if it will be available for android users some day?

Just a little side note...notice how the CNN reporter got Mr. Schwortz's introduction completely wrong.


Via:  CNN
Rare TV appearance for Turin Shroud, Christianity's famous relicBy Laura Smith-Spark and Livia Borghese, CNN
updated 2:02 PM EDT, Sat March 30, 2013
(CNN) -- What may be the most famous religious relic of them all, the Turin Shroud, made a rare appearance on Easter Saturday -- on Italians' TV screens.
One of Benedict XVI's last acts as pope, according to Vatican Radio, was to authorize the broadcast of video of the shroud from Turin Cathedral, where the mysterious Christian relic is kept, out of sight, in a bulletproof, climate-controlled glass case.
According to Vatican Radio, only once before have images of the centuries-old linen cloth been broadcast. That was in 1973, at the request of then-Pope Paul VI.
Some Christians believe the shroud, which appears to bear the imprint of a man's body, to be Jesus Christ's burial cloth. The body appears to have wounds that match those the Bible describes as having been suffered by Jesus on the cross.
Many scholars contest the shroud's authenticity, saying it dates to the Middle Ages, when many purported biblical relics -- like splinters from Jesus' cross -- surfaced across Europe.
Even the Roman Catholic Church does not insist the shroud was used to wrap the body of Jesus. Its official position is that the shroud is an important tool for faith regardless of its authenticity.
Archbishop of Turin Cesare Nosiglia will lead a service from the cathedral on Saturday afternoon during which the images of the shroud will be broadcast, according to Vatican Radio.
A video message from Pope Francis was played as part of the broadcast.  Read more...

3/28/13 - Late Breaking News:  New Shroud Book Sparks Immediate Controversy


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  3. Through the years, this is the most fascinating relic I've ever seen. It could very well be real.

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    It's awesome that the Shroud of Turin made a special appearance on TV.

    1. Hope you had a Blessed Easter, too. The mystery of the shroud is amazing.


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